14 years ago, what happened to the “thumb baby” who broke the Guinness world record

Since ancient times, pregnancy is not only the continuation of life, but also the integration of parents’ energy and painstaking efforts. Looking at the growth of their children, even if they are old, in the eyes of their parents, the thriving life is the greatest worth of their life. < / P > < p > the birth of every life is full of parents’ joy, expectation and sustenance. Looking at the weak life, they naturally have a strong sense of protection. In order for the child to grow up healthily, they have begun to protect the child before birth. All kinds of prenatal education and supplements will invest a lot of money around how to make the fetus grow healthily. < / P > < p > most children can come to this world healthily, but there are many exceptions in life. 14 years ago, a baby broke the Guinness world record, was recognized as the world’s smallest baby, and called her “thumb baby”. Then what happened to this “thumb baby”? < p > < p > 14 years ago, Sonia, a pregnant woman in Miami, USA, just learned that she was pregnant. Like other expectant mothers, she was very happy about her child’s coming life, but what happened next made her unable to take care of the healthy growth of the fetus. She had to face her own physical diseases, and her fate was cruel to her. She suffered from arteritis. < / P > < p > we all know that normal pregnant women need to pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy. One is to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus. At the same time, it can enhance their own immunity and resistance, and avoid the impact of illness on the fetus. It can be said that illness is the most worrying thing for pregnant women, so every pregnant woman’s daily life is careful to avoid illness. < / P > < p > at first, Sonya was able to maintain the growth of her baby with consideration. However, her condition was not alleviated, but became more and more serious. Too much drug treatment would affect the development of the fetus. If Sonya was not treated, she would face the risk of amputation. No one dared to indulge in this gamble. However, because of the mother’s love for her child, she decided to do it after consulting with the doctor Let the baby come to the world ahead of time. < / P > < p > on October 24, 2006, the baby, who only stayed in her mother’s body for 21 weeks and six days, was born. Her weight is only 280g and her height is only 24cm, which means her length is slightly longer than the ruler used by students, and her curled up body is about the same size as an ordinary pen. < / P > < p > the parents who loved her named her Amelia Taylor. When she was born, the weak Amelia didn’t even have the strength to breathe and cry. Her lungs were not fully developed, and her whole body was even translucent, which made doctors and nurses feel unable to start. They called her “thumb baby”. < / P > < p > the growth time of a normal fetus in the mother is 37-40 weeks, and the normal weight range is 2500-4000 grams. The baby born within 28-37 weeks of pregnancy is called “premature baby”, and this premature baby is even earlier than the premature baby. Her weak life in this world does not know how long she can survive. < / P > < p > like other premature infants, Amelia, the thumb baby, was sent to the incubator, and her vulnerability made doctors and nurses need to take care of her very carefully, for fear that she would be hurt if she was not careful. Because it was too “mini”, doctors and nurses could not find a suitable breast feeder for her, so they had to use a small dropper to suck milk. < / P > < p > Amelia was able to breathe slowly and spontaneously. Without the respirator, she could cry like a normal baby. Once again, the miracle of life was verified in Amelia. < p > < p > Amelia spent the first few days with her tenacious vitality, but the test of her life is still behind. Premature infants usually face many complications, such as sepsis, scleredema, malnutrition and other organ development, and so on. All kinds of diseases will make the thumb baby leave her new world at any time. < / P > < p > generally, premature infants can’t survive if they don’t grow for 23 weeks or weigh less than 400 grams in the mother. In the face of this 21 week old thumb baby who weighs only 280 grams, all we can do is to do our best, and the rest depends on the baby’s own vitality. < / P > < p > Amelia is known by more and more media. They are competing to report the world’s youngest baby “thumb baby”. Kind people pray for her, hoping that she can overcome the difficulties she will face. For Amelia, it is also the final test for her. < / P > < p > advanced medicine can always create miracles. The “little thumb”, who is not expected by people, has been blessed by too many people. The call of life and the gorgeous beauty in the world are all looking forward to her attention. After four months of careful treatment and care, Amelia finally left the intensive care unit. < / P > < p > the tenacity of Amelia’s weak life is called the miracle of life by the major media. When most people prepared for the worst, she used her own desire for life to survive. While she created the miracle of life, she also broke the Guinness World Records. She became the smallest “thumb baby” in the world. What happened to her later What happened? < / P > < p > although Amelia is still very weak and grows very slowly when she comes back home, with the careful care of her parents, she can eat like a normal child. When she was one year old, she grew eight centimeters and gained two pounds, which makes her mother Sonia feel very happy. < / P > < p > Sonia once said to the media that it is not easy for Amelia to survive. Even she has prepared for the worst, but she has survived tenaciously. She is very grateful to the doctors and nurses who have taken care of her in the hospital. Such a weak life is a challenge for any medical staff. < / P > < p > Amelia’s growth is also very gratifying. By the time she was two years old, she had grown up like a normal child, with a height of 70cm and a weight of 11.8kg. I can’t imagine that she was such a worrying thumb baby. Behind her growing up is the great efforts and painstaking efforts of her parents. Similarly, Amelia’s tenacity infects the people around her. < / P > < p > Amelia has congenital deficiencies, but she has the love of her parents and the love of those medical staff who once treated her in those years. They will visit her from time to time and care about her growth. < / P > < p > after careful care of Amelia, her body has no shortcomings, 14 years have passed, Amelia is also growing up healthily, now she has become a beautiful little girl, looks sweet, it is difficult for others to believe that she is the translucent, dying thumb baby. < / P > < p > seeing Amelia finally grow up healthily reminds us of the fairy tale of Andersen, in which Thumbelina used her insignificant body to experience all kinds of risks. In the face of darkness, she didn’t compromise and yearned for the light in her heart. Finally, she flew to a beautiful country and lived a happy life under the leadership of the swallow. < p > < p > Amelia, like Thumbelina, has the desire and persistence for life. Her instinct for life makes her tenaciously go through one difficulty and test after another. When others are worried about her survival, she interprets her love for the world with her weak life, grows up under the careful care of her parents and friends, and becomes a beautiful girl. < / P > < p > life is very fragile, fragile to the blink of an eye will disappear in the world, but also the most tenacious, tenacious to create a miracle of life. The rise of a weak life is just like the life we have experienced. No matter what setbacks we face, we should not give up. Only when we are strong and brave, can we constantly increase our self-confidence and get the best life. Focus