17-year-old girl “taste forbidden fruit” pregnant, was kicked into the hospital by her father, doctor: the fetus is gone

If we take the process of raising children as a horizontal version of the game, then early childhood is a minion to die, childhood is a little boss who seems powerful but actually “counsels”, and adolescence is the ultimate boss.

in psychology, adolescence is the second rebellious period for children. Their characters will become stubborn, anxious and suspicious, eager to get their parents’ affirmation and fair treatment, and do not want to listen to their parents.

However, some time ago, Xiao Rong found that she hadn’t come to her regular holiday for a long time, so she secretly saved money for dinner and went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. After checking, she found out that she was pregnant.

when Dad heard what his daughter said, he was very angry. He felt that he had no light on his face. He gave his daughter a kick in the stomach and directly kicked her to the ground.

after Xiaorong fell to the ground, she covered her stomach and cried “stomachache”. Her mother immediately realized the seriousness of the problem and pushed her father, “Why are you so cruel! She’s still pregnant in her stomach! ”

when he saw his daughter crying on the ground, his father regretted it. He immediately sent Xiaorong to the hospital by calling 120. Unexpectedly, after the doctor’s examination, he said to them directly:

in fact, it’s wrong for his father to kick Xiaorong in the stomach rashly, but the real root is that his parents didn’t guide his child’s adolescence, which led to Xiaorong’s wrong love outlook and sexual consciousness Often weak.

normally speaking, it is very common for high school students to fall in love at present. Although most parents emphasize that their children can’t fall in love early, they will “turn a blind eye and turn a blind eye”, as long as they don’t affect their academic performance and don’t do anything extraordinary.

However, Xiaorong’s parents didn’t do a good job in this aspect. They didn’t have the knowledge of popular science education for their children, and they didn’t guide their children to form a correct view of love. As a result, their children easily trusted netizens, didn’t know how to protect themselves, and were eventually bullied by boys, leading to tragedy.

However, when children enter puberty, they will have rebellious psychology. They are eager for their parents’ care and needs, not only their cold achievements.

therefore, parents should learn to be their children’s “guide”, take care of their children, give them enough sense of security, and help them go through this difficult journey smoothly.

therefore, Dou Ma recommends parents to read it. The author Liu Chunyun is a national second-class psychological counselor. This book provides specific cases of communication between parents and adolescent children to help parents communicate with adolescent children and promote their healthy growth.

adolescence is a critical period for children’s growth. At this stage, children are eager to live independently, and they can’t really get rid of their parents. Coupled with the huge changes in their body, they are prone to psychological and emotional fluctuations.

therefore, in the face of adolescent children, parents should correctly guide, provide care, eliminate worries and doubts, and let them understand that adolescence is just a “paper tiger”, not anxiety and depression!

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