2 Luffa, 3 eggs, good nutrition, drink Luffa soup, economic benefits, water and whitening

Luffa is very popular in the vegetable market these days. The weather is cooling in early autumn. It is the time when a large number of Luffa appear on the market. The price is not only cheap, but also very fresh and tender. Luffa is said to be all over the body is treasure, rich in various nutrients, but also has the effect of moisturizing and whitening, is an ideal vegetable for women and children. < / P > < p > the dry autumn and winter season is coming soon, and people begin to like to eat warm food. At this time, some soups will be more popular. Buy two luffa and three eggs to make a Luffa soup, which can nourish and replenish water. The cost is not more than 5 yuan. < p > < p > 1. Two Luffa, peel off the skin and cut into four and a half from the middle, then cut the long section of Luffa with an oblique knife, and soak the cut towel gourd in water to prevent oxidation and blackening. Then add a large amount of boiling water into the pot and boil it. Adding boiling water can boil the protein in the egg, making the color of the soup thicker and whiter and the taste more intense. Focus