20 ~ 70 years old physical fitness self-test table, do you pass the physical quality?

It has to be said that with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s physical quality is getting weaker and weaker now. This is also related to the rapid development of high technology. They can lie down, never sit, never stand. At the same time, the greatest pressure of life is forcing people to become more and more dangerous, and their health is becoming more and more insecure. < / P > < p > the following group of physical fitness test standards designed by sports experts and physiologists can be used as a physical fitness training table for the public. We may as well compare them to see if they are qualified. It should be noted that the assessment form here is only for normal ordinary people. < / P > < p > designing this set of physical fitness standards mainly lies in the fact that young people of this age group generally have bad habits such as staying up late, smoking and drinking. If you can’t guarantee enough sleep and reasonable diet, it must be difficult for many people. If you can complete it, it proves that your physical quality is still better than most people. < p > < p > 30-year-old people usually have many years of work experience, long-term sedentary will lead to muscle strain and muscle loss, should pay attention to maintain a certain amount of exercise. You can try new ways such as taking a midday walk or standing up to work. < p > < p > 40 years old is in the peak period of middle-aged crisis. Insisting on exercise can maintain the health of musculoskeletal system, and can not rely too much on cars and various means of transportation. It is recommended to use good habits such as walking to work or climbing stairs. < / P > < p > although 50 year olds are generally younger, their body muscle content is unconsciously reduced. Therefore, maintaining good exercise habits can make muscles and joints get better exercise. In addition to strengthening physical exercise, more relaxation is also essential. Regular travel and outdoor activities are recommended. Therefore, it is a common problem for people with age < p > to keep a good balance of their joints even when they are older than 60 years old. Therefore, even if they are old enough, they will still have a good habit of keeping their joints stiff even if they are younger than 60 years old. < p > < p > after 70 years old, the main consideration is the degree of physical activity. If you don’t have any exercise habits before, you might as well make some small changes. After all, at this age, the physical functions of the body are relatively weak. It is recommended to take a walk every week and learn to play taijiquan. < / P > < p > some people may think that this kind of exercise is too easy, but in fact, this standard is already the minimum requirement. If you can’t even do this standard, then you really need to exercise well. Focus