2020 healthy growth of mother and baby

Each pair of parents take good care of their baby’s growth during pregnancy, to their baby’s meticulous care after delivery, to how to cultivate their baby’s communication ability, so as to better adapt to the future society. Each stage is a big challenge for novice parents. < p > < p > from December 5 to 6, the off-line Public Science Lecture of “the healthy growth of mothers and infants in 2020 in China” sponsored by the children’s development research center of China’s next generation working committee went into Shiyan, Hangzhou and Linhai to answer questions and solve doubts for novice parents in three places, and help them give more correct care to their babies in the process of their children’s growth. The activity was strongly supported by Wyeth, Gabriel, Yili jinlinguan and other enterprises, and was fully reported by Sina parenting and other cooperative media. < p > < p > in 2020, the healthy growth of mothers and infants in China, Wanlixing, together with jiabeite, invited to give a keynote lecture to Shiyan parents by Gao Xia, director of Obstetrics, people’s Hospital Affiliated to Hubei Medical University. Director Gao explained in detail what are the normal physiological changes during pregnancy, what are the abnormal pathological changes, how to adjust their own psychology and emotions, and how to have a long pregnancy without meat and other common hot issues, so as to help expectant mothers take better care of themselves. < p > < p > on December 5, Dr. Zhang Silai gave a lecture to the parents in Hangzhou and gave a detailed and comprehensive explanation to the families. Health is not only a state without disease and weakness, but also a state of good physical, mental and social health, including physical health, mental health, social adaptation and moral health. < p > < p > in this lecture, it is necessary for teacher Zhang to pay attention to the cultivation of social ability since childhood, the occurrence and development of infant social communication ability, the influence of congenital temperament and acquired environment on infant’s social ability, the influence of parent-child attachment on children’s future social ability, the problems in the process of infant’s social communication, and teaching children to master social communication skills And other six aspects for nearly 2 hours of detailed speech. < p > < p > on December 6, Dr. Zhang Silai gave a lecture to Linhai parents. The first 1000 days of life is internationally recognized as the key period to lay a healthy life. The nutritional status of this stage not only affects the physical and mental development of children, but also has obvious connection with the incidence rate of chronic diseases in adult. The impact of nutritional status in the first 1000 days of life on children is irreversible and compensatory. Granny Zhang explained in detail how to carry out scientific feeding and key points for attention in each stage of the baby’s first 1000 years in Linhai lecture, and provided scientific guidance for novice parents. < / P > < p > China’s large-scale public welfare activities for the healthy growth of mothers and infants have been carried out for five consecutive years. It has always adhered to the concept of “helping mothers and children grow healthily”, disseminating scientific knowledge of child care to mother and infant groups across the country, improving the overall quality of the whole people, escorting the future, and contributing to the realization of the “healthy China” strategy. Information sharing for epilepsy patients