2020 healthy growth of mothers and infants

For novice parents, a series of problems are new challenges, such as how to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, how to maintain the weight during pregnancy, how to scientifically feed the baby after birth, and then to the early education of the baby. A series of problems will always make novice parents to be and precious parents in a hurry. From November 28 to 29, Wanlixing, together with Mead Johnson and Gabriel, invited Dr. Zhang Silai, a famous parenting expert in China, and fan Cuifang, director of Obstetrics of people’s Hospital of Wuhan University, to bring three compulsory courses for novice parents in Changsha, Huizhou and Qianjiang to answer questions and solve their doubts. The activity was reported by Sina parenting and other cooperative media. < p > < p > Dr. Zhang Silai brought the theme lecture to the parents at the scene of Wanlixing in Changsha. Teacher Zhang focuses on how to use his unique learning methods to help him establish good behavior habits? What behaviors do we need to develop? What behavior habits should be established in infancy? Why is it easy for some children to establish good behavior habits while others are very difficult? How to correct the bad behavior habits that the baby has developed is explained in detail to help novice parents better shape their baby’s behavior habits. < / P > < p > the first 1000 days of life is internationally recognized as the key period to lay a healthy life. The nutritional status of this stage not only affects the physical and mental development of children, but also has obvious connection with the incidence rate of chronic diseases in adult. The impact of nutritional status in the first 1000 days of life on children is irreversible and compensatory. So how to give birth to fetus scientifically during pregnancy? How to establish parent-child attachment relationship with children as soon as possible? How to feed your baby 0 ~ 6 months, 7 ~ 24 months after birth? When is the best time to add complementary food? How to scientifically add various complementary foods to achieve food diversification as soon as possible? These problems are the problems that novice parents need and care about, so Wanlixing of Huizhou station invited Dr. Zhang Silai, a famous parenting expert in China, to bring a theme lecture for the parents on site. On November 29th, Qianjiang station was a Public Science Lecture held by jiabeite and Wanlixing. Director Fan Cuifang, director of Obstetrics, people’s Hospital of Wuhan University, gave a lecture on science popularization. From the aspects of diet management during pregnancy and weight management during pregnancy, director Fan Cuifang patiently and carefully taught mothers solutions to various problems through explanation, interaction, question and answer. Deeply loved by parents. Focus