26 year old girl, a few small “pimples” on the body did not care, and then check has been cervical secondary lesions

Sichen, 26, is a company clerk. Most of the time, she is sitting in the office processing documents, and there are few other activities at home. Last year, because she had a few pimples on her body, she went to the hospital for examination and found out HPV infection, and there was a high-risk hpv52, but the cervical examination was normal, so the doctor told her to go home and improve her immunity and use some topical drugs properly.

after sichen goes back home, she can basically follow the doctor’s advice. She goes to bed early and gets up early. If she eats, she has a strict taboo for a period of time, and exercises are occasionally carried out. So adhere to two or three months, Si Chen looked at the body’s pimple slowly subsided, very happy, that HPV should be controlled, did not care too much.

until this year, sichen found that her lower body always discharged a lot of leucorrhea. At first, the water sample was thin, but gradually it became viscous. What’s more, it also emitted a bad smell! Colleagues seem to feel that they will consciously stay away from her. This makes sichen very embarrassed.

the doctor told her that there are many types of HPV, including nearly 200 kinds. The so-called small pimples are actually warts caused by some low-risk types of infection. If properly handled, these will subside faster. But the most terrible is the high-risk type of HPV infection in the cervix, these infections are difficult to show any symptoms, the harm is very big, many cervical lesions and cervical cancer are developed in this way.

therefore, if you are infected with HPV, don’t think it’s ok if you don’t have “pimples”, and don’t wait for other obvious symptoms to appear. It must be necessary to remove HPV as soon as possible.

one of the core of improving immunity is to strengthen nutrition. If the body’s nutrition is insufficient, it is difficult to keep up with the immune system, and HPV is prone to persistent infection. Therefore, people with HPV infection can often eat a little pine mushroom protein Selenium Solution to promote the improvement of immunity, which is very good. It is rich in plant polysaccharide and trace element selenium, which can help promote the growth and reproduction of immune cells, enhance human immunity, and promote HPV virus to turn negative as soon as possible.

HPV infection and cross infection are largely related to poor personal hygiene. It is suggested that women infected with HPV must pay attention to personal hygiene, change and wash their personal clothes frequently, disinfect and expose to the sun frequently, do not wash their own clothes with the clothes of their families, and do not use public towels, bath towels and other articles.

in addition, women should also pay attention to the cleaning of their private parts. It is recommended to wash them with clean water at ordinary times. If they want to use gynecological lotion, they can use it once or twice a week without excessive use.

interferon is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug. If it can be used reasonably, it can still have certain effect on HPV negative conversion. However, it should be noted that interferon can only interfere with the transcription of the virus, and can not achieve the purpose of fundamentally eliminating the virus. Moreover, if it is used for a long time, it will increase the resistance of the virus, so the use method should be appropriate. CUISINE&HEALTH