28 year old boy with double renal failure, the doctor lamented: before going to bed, one thing to do too much, the kidney can not carry iron

Xiao Tao, 28, is a programmer. He is single now. He is code, code and code every day. He has been sitting with the computer for five years since graduation. Last year, Xiao Hao often suffered from backache and sleepiness. Xiaotao didn’t care. He thought it might be because he was too tired at work. He would be ok if he had a rest. Not long ago, Xiao Tao felt that his condition was getting worse and worse. He was very weak, so he went to the hospital for an examination. The result was renal failure. < / P > < p > a 28 year old single guy is exhausted before he gets married and has children? Xiao Tao’s parents can’t accept the result, but Xiao Tao turns to look out of the window. Without saying a word, the result seems to be in his expectation. When Xiaotao was in junior high school, he came into contact with a relatively explicit film by chance. At that time, he was still young and had poor self-control. He gradually became addicted to “craft work”. From then on, when his roommate fell asleep, Xiaotao would take his mobile phone and steal to the toilet, sometimes several times a day. < p > < p > this habit has been brought from junior high school to high school and then to university. Even after graduation, Xiaotao, who is single, has not changed this habit, which leads to the result today. Many men stay up late at night because of work and other factors. Can stay up late for a long time, but the kidney can’t stand it. Because only the human body has a sufficient essence, can it be better for kidney essence storage. < p > < p > staying up late for a long time will make the kidney in an overload state. Over time will cause serious damage to the kidney function, which will also be an important factor of kidney weakness. There is a very bad working mode for modern people, that is, sitting in the office for a whole morning or an afternoon. Sitting for a long time will lead to obstruction of Qi, blood and meridians of the whole body, slow excretion of metabolic substances, and low back pain, back pain and numbness of limbs. < / P > < p > in addition, sitting all day and fixing a position for a long time will easily oppress the bladder meridian which is in the exterior and interior of the kidney, causing the obstruction of blood and blood in the bladder meridian, which will naturally affect the kidney and cause kidney deficiency. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney and bladder are interconnected. If the human body chooses to hold urine, it will make the urine stored in the bladder for a long time, and at the same time, it will continuously breed pathogenic substances, and these bacteria will retrograde to the kidney through the ureter, and then induce adverse kidney diseases such as urinary tract infection. < / P > < p > it has been recorded in ancient books that the best effect of warming and tonifying the kidney can be achieved by combining medlar, mulberry, jujube, polygonatum, Eucommia male flower, raspberry, Alpinia oxyphylla, Maca powder and ginseng for a long time. Among them, < / P > < p > because the process of making tea is complicated and time-consuming, in order to facilitate and save time, most men can directly choose tea bags instead It’s convenient and simple to soak in boiling water for 5 minutes every day. It’s convenient and simple to put your hands on your waist and press your middle finger on your waist. Bend your waist forward, first turn it clockwise and then turn it anticlockwise for 10 times. The best time to turn the waist sooner or later, when fasting is appropriate. < / P > < p > put your legs together, lift your anus and abdomen, sink your shoulders, erect your spine, lift your heel after grasping the ground with your toes, and then move your body downward and rhythmically. Pay attention to body relaxation, first slowly fall half, and then gently shake the ground. Keep the heel lift for more than 10 seconds, and the heel should be gentle when landing. Pets