3 kinds of “food” that uterus likes most, often eat, can drive out cold already, can warm palace again, beautify platoon poison again

Introduction: the uterus is very important for our women, we want to get pregnant through the uterus to get pregnant, and every time we come to the big aunt, we have to have the uterus to control. The state of the uterus determines our women’s state. People with good uterus are usually young, beautiful and full of vitality, so it is particularly important to protect the uterus in daily life, because of many bad habits. It’s going to hurt our womb. < / P > < p > men often stay up late will change the kidney is not good, and women stay up late will make the uterus aging. Nowadays, no matter young women or middle-aged women, they have the habit of staying up late more or less. Staying up late after 11 o’clock without a rest is called staying up late. In fact, the harm of staying up late for us women is very great. Once staying up late, the skin will begin to become rough, dark, acne, and coarse pores. This is because the uterus is damaged during staying up late, and the ability of detoxification is reduced, which leads to endocrine imbalance and accelerated aging. < / P > < p > people who have a bad uterus have a weak body. Every time they come to my aunt, they will have a stomachache, and it’s easy to get cold hands and feet in winter. So this kind of women in the daily diet should pay more attention, usually can occasionally eat some cold food, but don’t often eat. During the period of great aunt, we should refuse all cold food, because during this period, when the uterus is in detoxification, if we eat these things, the cold will easily invade the uterus, causing cold in the uterus. < / P > < p > everyone thinks that girls are clean, but in fact, many girls are sloppy and do not pay attention to personal hygiene. Some girls even take a bath several days without changing their clothes. Our close fitting clothes need to be renewed every day, because these private places are easy to breed bacteria. If it is not replaced, bacteria will enter the uterus. In the long run, it will cause problems such as cervicitis and cervical erosion. < / P > < p > garlic is an essential seasoning for our cooking, but its taste is not very good, but the role of garlic is not small. Allicin contained in garlic has the effect of sterilization, can help the human body eliminate bacteria, so as to improve their own resistance. Women can eat more garlic during menstruation to prevent bacteria from infecting the uterus. < / P > < p > the taste of yogurt is sour and sweet. Many women like to drink it. Some people drink a cup every morning. This habit is actually very good. Bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can help intestinal digestion and absorption, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. It can also prevent endocrine disorders in the body and help us stabilize it. < / P > < p > women need folic acid in their bodies, especially pregnant women who lack folic acid, then the fetus will become unhealthy, and may also cause cervical lesions. And the folic acid content of Pakchoi is very high, if you want to supplement folic acid, you can choose to eat more pakchoi. < / P > < p > women are all made of water, and they need to replenish water every day. If we add something on the basis of replenishing water to protect the palace by drinking tea, the effect will be better than drinking water. According to Li Shizhen’s records, jujube, longan, medlar, ginseng, chrysanthemum, dandelion and other plants are mixed and matched according to a certain proportion, and then processed into tea bags through multiple processes. Every morning and evening, each cup is brewed. Long term persistence has the following functions: beauty and beauty, dispelling cold and warming palace, tonifying qi and concentration, nourishing yin and blood, promoting blood circulation, accelerating metabolism and so on. < / P > < p > conclusion: for the care of the uterus, female friends must not be careless. Every time they come to my aunt, they should take it seriously. They can usually eat more vegetables that are good for the uterus, and remember to drink a cup of Goddess tea every day. 08/16/2020