31 year old beauty doctor, pregnant for 6 months, still in the gym, netizen: exercise from the abdomen?

Most women are very concerned about their health after pregnancy, and their every move has become cautious. They worry that their behavior will affect their children’s health. Some pregnant mothers, however, exercise during pregnancy. < / P > < p > 31 year old yuan horong is a female doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, she has another identity, that is, beauty and fitness experts. By chance, Yuan found the beauty of fitness and started his own way of fitness. After a lot of hard work, she grew muscle lines that made many boys feel ashamed. < / P > < p > yuan Herong’s beautiful appearance and figure form a huge contrast, which is called the real version of “King Kong Barbie” by netizens. Many pregnant mothers worry about their weight gain and poor figure after pregnancy, but yuan Herong not only does not have such worries, but also worries that her weight will not rise. < / P > < p > she took a picture of her 6-month pregnancy. The lines of her abdominal muscles are lighter, but they still look obvious. Yuan said that during her pregnancy, she would often go to the gym to play iron. Sticking to ironing and massage can not only make her feel relaxed, but also improve her pregnancy and vomiting. Pregnant 6 months, although she does not look very pregnant, but the baby in the stomach is very healthy. Many netizens are filled with emotion, this is from the abdominal exercise? < / P > < p > most pregnant women are still resting after pregnancy, and seldom do strenuous exercise like the above pregnant women. Is exercise OK during pregnancy? In fact, it is possible and necessary. Pregnant women in early pregnancy should rest mainly, but after the stability of the fetus, to carry out some mild exercise. However, it is worth noting that excessive exercise should be avoided as far as possible. These pregnant mothers are just one example. < / P > < p > here is a list of the exercises of using tension rope for you: < / P > < p > lie flat on the yoga mat, step on the pedals with both feet, lift the feet up with the help of the waist and abdomen, with the highest point at 90 ° to the body, 20 times in each group, three groups a day. < / P > < p > step on the pedals with both feet, hold the hands tightly, fix the handle in front of the chest, rely on the waist, abdomen and legs, roll up as above, 15 in each group, 2-3 groups every day. < / P > < p > let’s find this NBR rubber Yoga Mat: anti slip, shock absorption, especially to protect the knees and joints of hands and feet. If the middle-aged and old people exercise, they can rest assured. < / P > < p > conclusion: I don’t know what you think of fitness goddess? Do you think her figure meets your aesthetic standards? In fact, Pilates is very suitable for women, especially for women who lose weight. The effect is quite obvious. It can also shape the body. It is a sport recommended by most stars, because its fitness effect is very good. No matter in the living room or bedroom, you can exercise anytime and anywhere. I believe you can do it easily. I hope you are more and more beautiful. 08/16/2020