36 krypton’s debut: Men’s cosmetics brand “blue series” won nearly 15 million yuan of angel round financing, and “men’s economy” is becoming popular

36 krypton learned that men’s cosmetics brand “blue series” has recently completed an angel round financing of nearly 15 million yuan. The investor is rock fund, and Jiayin capital is the exclusive financial consultant. According to the founder Ding Jie, this round of financing will mainly be used for brand upgrading, product polishing, channel improvement and other aspects.

blue line was founded in March 2019. It has two lines of SKU, including men’s skin care line and men’s makeup, including four men’s Bathing Milk, lipstick, facial mask, BB cream and eyebrow pencil. < / P > < p > shows that the line of men’s care products is% in 2019. According to cbndata consumption big data, the post-90s and post-95s have become the main consumers of online male skin care products, accounting for about 60%. In the past year, the post-95s even surpassed the post-90s to become the largest consumer force in the online male skin care market. Ding Jie said that in the face of the growth and diversification of the demand side, the domestic men’s cosmetics market still lacks high-quality supply. On the one hand, the quality of domestic products is uneven. Although some brands are low in price and fast in updating, they ignore quality control, which leads to the failure to guarantee the repurchase rate. Some brands even directly change the packaging on the basis of women’s makeup formula and sell them to male consumers, lacking good products exclusive to men. On the other hand, international brands strictly control the profit margin, and most of their men’s cosmetics products are sold in one set The price is hundreds of yuan, and there is still room for improvement. < / P > < p > compared with women, men’s skin has many different characteristics, such as thicker cuticle, thicker pores and love to oil. Ding Jie told 36 krypton that blue mainly focuses on the concept of “big brands with the same factory”. In the R & D and production end, it cooperates with cosmos, such as Dior and YSL, to develop specific products based on the differentiated skin characteristics of male consumers.

in addition to focusing on recipes and raw materials, the team also pays attention to the input of packaging materials. Lipstick products are used as an example. The outer package is wrapped with matte metal shell and set up magnetic suction buckle. The texture is similar to that of Zippo lighter, and it is separated from the plastic products on the market. < / P > < p > in the sinking market where the purchasing channel of skin care products is relatively single, young men are more dependent on online shopping. According to the big consumption data of cbndata, cities of the third tier and below are the second largest market of male skin care, and the growth rate of consumption number and consumption amount is higher than that of other line level cities. The price of blue series single product is less than 100 yuan. We hope to target the young consumers after 1995 and the second, third tier and below urban population through high cost performance touch, and seize the market dividend. Another difference of blue lines is reflected in category selection. Compared with the fierce competition in the field of washing and cleaning, the main products of blue series include lip products and four in one washing and protecting products integrating four functions of shampoo, facial wash, shaving and bathing. According to Ding Jie, the positioning of blue series is to fill in the demand gap of use scenarios, rather than “replace”. For example, four in one washing and care products with a capacity of only 100ml are mainly used in specific scenarios such as business trip, travel and fitness, highlighting the convenience of use. These categories are also opportunities to grow into explosive products. Kwai tiktok’s main sales channels include Tmall, Jingdong, Jimmy store, quick shop, Xiao Hong, etc. some of the products are over 10% of the total sales.

Ding Jie said that the logic of “selling goods” is changing. In the early years, e-commerce shopping mainly relied on user search, but now word-of-mouth publicity and grass planting become more important. In the next step, the team plans to continuously output content and build brand awareness in channels with more young groups. In terms of the team, Ding Jie, the founder of the team, is a master of Tsinghua University. She has 13 years of experience in marketing and sales management, and has served as the e-commerce director of a number of listed companies. Other members of the team are from L’Oreal, huaxizi, Martin and other brands, with rich experience in the cosmetics industry. 08/16/2020