40 year old people, 80 year old joint, knee replacement, do or not do? The doctor told the truth

The knee is a more important part for people, if there is no knee, how to walk. There are many friends who don’t pay attention to protect the knee in the daily life, which leads to premature knee failure. 40 year old people, have a pair of 80 year old people’s knee joint, this kind of wear degree is very uncomfortable for people, knee joint damage, people will be bad at the line, life and psychology will cause a great blow. < / P > < p > at present, the medical level is relatively developed. If there are serious problems in the knee joint, knee replacement surgery can be done. However, there is a certain amount of time for the artificial knee in knee replacement. If the knee replacement operation is performed at the age of 40, it will be faced with another knee replacement operation in the near future. In the second time the implementation of surgery will become more difficult, not only for patients to thin a lot of pain, money will also increase the family’s financial burden. Is this kind of operation done or not? < / P > < p > in fact, from the perspective of doctors, most doctors are not willing to give patients around 40 years old with knee replacement surgery, because they think they are too young. They can relieve some pain symptoms through certain treatment, and then give patients knee replacement surgery when they are old. Theoretically speaking, the service life of a false knee is 20 years or 30 years. However, everyone’s situation is different. How long can he use a false knee? We don’t know. If we do knee replacement surgery at the age of 40, if there is a problem with the false knee 15 years later, we need to have a second knee replacement operation. Therefore, patients around 55 years old need to be replaced once What about another 15 years? Can the body bear it? So most doctors don’t recommend a 40 year old to have a knee replacement. But this also depends on the actual situation of the patient’s body, as well as the needs of patients. These are not things that doctors can decide, so the specific situation is analyzed. < / P > < p > we must do a good warm-up exercise before exercise, and we can’t do a big exercise directly without doing warm-up exercise. Many friends don’t have the habit of warming up when they are exercising. Warm up exercise is to open all joints and parts of the body, so that the body will not be pulled in the next exercise. Just like a lot of male friends like playing basketball and football, I don’t do a good warm-up exercise before sports, which will cause certain harm to the body in the following fierce sports. < / P > < p > massage the knee joint more after exercise. People’s body has many acupoints. After exercise, massage the acupoints can make your body comfortable. Just like the knee, it bears a lot of pressure in the process of exercise, so doing more massage after exercise will make the knee recover well. < / P > < p > in daily life, it is necessary to keep the knee warm. Especially when it’s cold, don’t wear shorts. If you wear more, you’ll have old cold legs. Many young people sneer at such words, but this is the experience of the past, so we must protect our knees. Don’t let it cold, let it in a warm environment. Focus