48 year old man, this part grows “little red dot”, doctor: liver is “drag bad”

Just three months ago, Lao Zheng found himself with a lot of small red spots. At first, I didn’t care, thought it was inflammation of skin caused by dry weather, and these little red spots were not itchy. But in autumn, the weather is getting cooler and the little red spots are not fading, but they become more. Suspected that his body had any disease, Lao Zheng asked to go to the hospital for a fake examination, the result was checked out of the liver disease in the middle. The small red spot on laozheng is one of the typical symptoms of liver disease. In the middle of liver disease, hormone imbalance in the body will cause capillary expansion, and blood mole or spider nevus will be produced on the surface of skin. When the liver is damaged, the liver function will decrease and affect the secretion of bile in human body. When bile secretion is out of balance, bilirubin in bile will be arbitrarily integrated into the blood, damaging the skin on the human surface. The results showed that the face and eyes were yellow, urine yellow, and foot bottom yellow. It is found that the skin itching caused by skin inflammation will be relieved by external medicine. But if it is the skin itching caused by liver disease, it is very difficult to treat. It is not only impossible to find specific itching points, but also cause skin roughness and other symptoms. In this case, no longer need to use external medicine and take time to treat liver. Under the action of external force, some bruises will be produced in the human body. These bruises will disappear slowly after blood circulation metabolism and repair mechanism. But if it is the bruising caused by liver disease, it is difficult to relieve by itself. At the same time, it is often accompanied by bleeding nose blood, gum bleeding and other body inexplicable bleeding symptoms. This is due to the reduction of coagulation factors in human body after liver disease. Although the dew solar term is about to be reached, the air is still very dry. In the case of such dry external air, the lack of water in the liver will easily lead to liver fire and liver disease. Therefore, we should make more water in daily life. When drinking water, put six treasures tea into the heater, which can help the liver clean up toxins while replenishing water, and promote metabolism and raise healthy liver. Chrysanthemum: pingganyang, removing moisture and toxin; Cassia Cassiae: anti-aging, anti-oxidation, eliminating swelling; burdock root: liver invigorating, clearing heat and cooling blood, regulating three heights; Honeysuckle: clearing liver channel, regulating liver blood, relieving skin itching; medlar: soothing liver, preventing chloasma, replenishing liver blood; osmanthus: detoxification and heat dissipation, Yang Qi, liver and spleen.

love skin, rough eyes and so on due to lack of sleep. People like to use facial mask and eye mask to relieve. In fact, this is not the root of the standard. The black eye, rough skin, long acne and hair loss are mostly caused by liver lesions. Staying up late can damage the liver health, and thus these symptoms appear, (/p > < p > so in daily life, we should reduce anger and often do what I like to do. On holidays, go climbing mountains, see the scenery, relax the spirit and protect the health of the liver. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”