51 year old aunt chloasma crawling all over her face, melanin accumulation, doctor: 1 often eat, spots slowly disappear

Aunt Zhou, 51 years old this year, is a retired math teacher in the city experimental high school. Because she takes senior three students all the year round, she often gets up early and goes to bed late, often stays up late to change the test papers for students, and her diet is irregular. In her 40s, she has a lot of spots on her face, especially old. Although other colleagues say that Mr. Zhou has devoted his youth to his students, he is also very uncomfortable to see his face full of yellow spots and dark complexion. I don’t know if it’s hereditary. Now my daughter, who is only 23 years old, has begun to grow spots on her face. I thought that there were too many spots on my face to remove. That is to say, I’m dying for freckle removal. But my daughter is still young, so I can’t let her be the same as myself. She’s young, and she’s full of chloasma before falling in love. It’s too ugly.

but recently, Mr. Zhou found that the spots on his face are gradually decreasing, while the spots on his daughter’s face are more and more. Mr. Zhou has mixed feelings, so he went to the doctor for consultation.

Mr. Zhou: “doctor, I had a lot of spots on my face, one by one. Now I’m beginning to fade. Is this a normal phenomenon?” Doctor: is there anything different in your life recently? Some patients with melasma, after some improvement in daily living habits, melasma will be significantly improved. It is generally related to these points:

long term mental tension, excessive fatigue, or mental tension, bad mood, or insomnia, dreaminess, neurasthenia, or irritability, often angry, can lead to endocrine disorders and plaques. Therefore, melasma patients with treatment at the same time, if you maintain a calm mood, melanin metabolism will be faster.

stay up late for a long time. Often eating spicy and greasy food will cause endocrine disorders, resulting in facial oil secretion exuberant, pigmentation. In this case, you can take appropriate drugs to regulate endocrine, or work and rest on time, maintain a light diet, plaque will be improved.

the doctor said: your daughter has chloasma on her face. Ms. Xu’s spots are not natural, so it’s also related to her daily Shenhuo habits. In addition to the mental stress and bad eating habits mentioned above, long-term inactivity, lack of sun protection, radiation from computers and other electronic devices, and stimulation from cosmetics are all the causes of melasma. Now chloasma is not the patent of middle-aged women, many young people, because of the habit of not paying attention, it is very easy to grow spots. Now the age of chloasma patients who come to the clinic is becoming younger and younger.

but the doctor also said that we should not blindly try various methods to lighten the spots because of the long spots. It is suggested that Mr. Zhou’s daughter should not blindly use cosmetics to cover up the spots, and should not follow the trend to use such methods as laser. Because some not according to the actual situation of their skin and blindly take the light spot way, the final will create greater stimulation to the skin.

take laser freckle for example, laser freckle removal, because it is necessary to peel off a layer from the skin, may damage the dermis, cause scars, and leave more serious pigmentation; the strong light in the laser, can’t stop operating, will also damage the retina and cornea of the eyes; in addition, if the laser is used excessively, it will lead to the redder the skin, the thinner the skin, and the thinner the skin Black These are the results that we do not want to see.

therefore, to treat melasma, we should keep a peaceful attitude, and don’t casually try methods without any scientific basis. Some people take vitamin E to lighten the spots. Vitamin E does inhibit the pigmentation of the face. However, vitamin E can only improve the skin’s melanin deposition from the surface of the skin, and can not cut off the formation of melanin. Vitamin E can not fade melasma from the root whether it is taken orally or externally. In addition, if the long-term external application of vitamin E, will also lead to skin fat exuberant, pores blocked. Some patients reflect that long-term application of vitamin E can also promote the growth of facial villi. Therefore, to desalinate melasma, we need to adopt the method of “treating both the symptoms and the root causes” and spend time patiently to recuperate, rather than “achieving it overnight” in a short time.

at present, the best clinical effect is to supplement the flavonoids of Rosa alba. It can regulate the ovarian function of women, balance the secretion of estrogen, keep the secretion of estrogen at a balanced level, and ensure the normal operation of the endocrine system. Estrogen balance, will not stimulate tyrosinase, melanin formation will be inhibited. And endocrine normal operation, metabolism will be normal. Melanin is no longer in the skin dermis, melasma will slowly fade, skin will be more elastic, people will be more young. Focus