51 year old worker gout, only because the wine does not leave the hand, doctor: Yishui Mou foot strong drink, uric acid rub down

Looking at the past from a distance, lying on the bed of a yellow middle-aged man, also do not know what the situation, only see the next wife quietly tears.

I learned that the man in the hospital bed was 51 years old this year. He had no education, so he could only be a migrant worker. Just a few days ago, uncle Lin found that his heel and finger joints were in constant pain during his work. After examination, he was diagnosed as gouty stone and needed surgery.

after in-depth understanding, uncle Lin likes drinking very much, and because he is a construction site, he often works overtime, so it’s not surprising that he often comes to have a seafood dinner from time to time. This is not to say how delicious it is. As time goes by, he finds that his body is abnormal, so he comes to the hospital for examination and treatment.

usually, because of his busy work, he didn’t pay attention to it. Recently, uncle Lin found that his fingers and joints, as well as his heel, were in pain.

uncle Lin said that he took turns to make these two dishes when he had gout. He also insisted on drinking boiling Xiangyuan tea every day for one or two months. He was surprised to find that his uric acid value had dropped a lot.

we have grasped seabuckthorn, gardenia, bergamot, chicory, Pueraria, mulberry leaves, yam and other food materials. After being processed and ground, they are introduced into water and boiled for about 30 minutes. After boiling out, they can drink directly in the cool. It is slightly bitter, so many people will choose tea bags directly for brewing, which is convenient for drinking.

when Uncle Lin usually works on the construction site, he doesn’t have much time to make it, so he can directly find a tea bag with the same composition. It’s relatively more convenient. He can just wash the bubbles directly. Focus