8 practical skincare tips, even if you don’t use “Lady” products, you can also raise good skin!

As we all know, good skin is nurtured, but because everyone’s skin is different, so many people blindly believe that as long as the pursuit of big brand skin care products, our skin will become moist, smooth and elastic. But in fact, those “Lady” level skin care products also have certain restrictions on the skin, not after use, our skin can “return to 18 years old overnight”. The key is skin care techniques and skills. No matter what kind of products you use, you can get a good absorption, so that you can easily develop good skin!

1. caution Foam Cleansing Cream in spring and autumn seasons: seasonal changes affect the ingredients of cleansing cream. Spring and autumn are generally suitable for nourishing type of cleansing cream, and summer should choose cleansing cream with rich foam and strong decontamination effect.

2. Choose facial soap according to skin type: alkaline soap is suitable for oily skin, neutral soap is more suitable for neutral skin, and neutral soap or no soap is suitable for dry skin. In addition, we can apply vitamin E or tretinoin ointment to reduce age spots.

3. Suitable for deep cleansing products at night: most deep cleansing products are not suitable for daily use. It’s better to use them once a week or two, and the time should be controlled at night. Too much deep cleaning can easily cause skin to become fragile and sensitive. In addition, frosting products are recommended to be used once every 4 weeks.

4. Apply sunscreen 365 days a year: almost all skin problems are related to ultraviolet rays, so if you want your skin to get better, you should pay attention to sunscreen all year round. In winter, we can choose sunscreen products with SPF of 10 to 15.

5. apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out: half an hour before going out everyday, apply sunscreen or emulsion with a SPF above 15. However, it should be noted that if you go out for a whole day and use sunscreen products above the line, you can re apply them at any time.

6. Take off your make-up and wash your face in time after you go home: sunscreen also belongs to the category of color make-up. If you apply sunscreen every day, you must take it off in time after you go home, otherwise it is easy to have chemical residues and block pores.

7. Basic skincare Trilogy: ordinary skin people don’t need to use wrinkle removing, whitening, anti-aging and other products. They just need to do basic care such as cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen and so on, and many skin problems can be solved.

8. After cleansing, apply skin care products within 2 minutes: when we wash our face, our pores will open, so within 2 minutes after washing our face, when our skin is still wet, apply water emulsion again, so that our skin can better absorb nutrients. If you apply it again after drying, the pores will shrink and cannot be absorbed, causing the skin to become oily or rough.

the key to ensure that the above skin care will not go wrong is to wipe the face between washing and skin care. Ordinary people are used to using towel to wipe their faces, but it is easy to breed bacteria when it is in a humid state every day. No matter how clean your face is, no matter how expensive your skin care products are, no matter how good your technique is, once you use a towel to wipe your face, all the previous efforts will be wasted.

if you want to develop a good skin, a clean, non shedding facial towel is essential! Even Li Jiaqi is pushing this kind of black magic facial towel. The material of the paper towel is not only thick enough, but also large in area. It is flexible for both dry and wet use. It is also very close to the skin without fluorescent agent. It can be used many times after wiping the face every day, and it’s OK to wipe a table and shoes.

after summing up these skincare tips, as long as you can do it and stick to it, you can develop good skin even if you don’t use ladies’ products!

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