A 10-year-old in the United States said trump was his idol and was kicked out of class

According to Fox News, a 10-year-old child in Washington state was once kicked out of class because he said that his idol was president trump in an online class at school, and that trump was great. His praise for trump was also deleted by his teacher. On the same day, a local middle school was giving children online lessons. In the meantime, teachers want the children to write down who their idols are and why. As a result, a 10-year-old sixth grader posted that his idol was U.S. President trump, for the following reasons: “he made America great again”, “he is the best and best president America can have”, “building a wall to block entry” and “he is the best person in the world”. However, these remarks have aroused the dissatisfaction of the teachers. He not only kicked the child out of the online classroom, but also deleted his speech. The teacher also told other students that it was inappropriate to use trump as an idol because he created a lot of division and hatred in society. However, the teacher’s behavior caused the dissatisfaction of the child’s parents. The parent also recorded the teacher’s remarks about deleting his child and criticizing trump, and contacted the teacher after class, believing that he should not punish and humiliate his child because he liked him. < / P > < p > in a telephone recording of two people on the matter, the teacher didn’t seem to know that his parents had recorded his attack on trump at first. He once lied that he asked the children to write down who the computer programmer they adored, so he deleted Trump’s inappropriate answer. However, when the parents said that this was not the case, the teacher said that he deleted the 10-year-old’s remarks because other students were offended by his remarks. The teacher also said that he did not want political disputes to appear in the classroom. However, the teacher later contradicted his parents by saying that he thought it was wrong for the children to say that trump was building the wall to block the “because the people in the neighboring countries in the south of the United States were not. However, embarrassingly, the child’s parents said they had immigrated from Honduras, south of the United States, and said she did not think there was a problem with Trump’s construction of the wall. < p > < p > at present, the child’s parents have sent to the media her recorded messages about her teacher’s deleting their children’s messages and criticizing trump, as well as telephone recordings of her and the teacher, but only pro trump conservative media, such as fox news, have reported on the matter. Other mainstream U.S. media that resented trump didn’t report on the incident. Only the Associated Press reported a very brief message saying that the school was investigating the incident, and the school authorities also said that the teacher was “threatened with death” after the incident was exposed and had to hide. < / P > < p > the parent told the media that she hoped that the school and teachers could learn a lesson from this incident and teach students better, but she did not want the teacher to be expelled because the teacher had admitted his mistake. Focus