A 21-year-old female college student’s body appeared “1 stink, 2 yellow, 3 cannot”. The doctor diagnosed that the liver was abnormal

Ma Hui, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital, Ma Hui, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Ma Hui, a high-quality creator < / P > < p > 21-year-old college student Xiaoxing always wakes up naturally in the middle of the night, especially at 1-3 p.m. Usually, during the day class often feel inexplicable irritability, bad mood. At the beginning, I thought that I was busy with my graduation thesis and looking for a job recently. But a week passed, still did not improve, and feel abdominal pain from time to time, in order not to delay graduation defense, star decided to go to the hospital for an examination. < / P > < p > the doctor checked according to Xiaoxing’s condition. Unexpectedly, he was told that he had liver disease in less than two hours and was already in the middle stage. When he heard this news, Xiaoxing couldn’t accept it and collapsed at that time. According to the doctor’s analysis, Xiaoxing’s liver disease is closely related to her lifestyle. In fact, she had bad breath, yellow face, yellow urine, loss of appetite, irritability, and often wake up at night can not sleep, it is likely that the early symptoms of liver disease, but she did not realize at that time. < / P > < p > bad breath, bad breath? It shows that the body’s metabolic system has problems, pay attention to the liver. How does halitosis come from? We should know that the role of the liver is to detoxify and metabolize, dredge and activate collaterals. When there is a problem with the liver, a kind of gas called “ammonia” can not be decomposed, resulting in a large amount of deposition in the body, the liver can not afford it, and can only be discharged through the mouth. < / P > < p > the face is a signal, and the earliest warning of many diseases is also shown through it. When the facial skin begins to become dry and rough, pores become larger, which is what we often say: the skin is waxy yellow, there must be a big problem with the liver. Liver decomposition bilirubin once the role of problems, will cause obstruction of the bile duct, facial skin around the dark, haggard face, which is commonly known as: liver disease face. < / P > < p > the first bubble of urine in the morning is very important. It can distinguish the body condition from the color and smell of urine. The urine is yellow and pungent, indicating a liver problem. Liver problems, bilirubin produced by the body can not be completely decomposed and then discharged from the body. The more accumulated the urine, the darker the color of urine will become. Therefore, when the urine turns yellow for a long time, we should pay attention to it. The liver may have a big problem. < / P > < p > people with poor liver have poor sleep quality. They often can’t sleep at night. If they finally fall asleep, they will wake up in the middle of the night. Moreover, it is more difficult to enter the sleep state again. These are caused by liver disease. Liver qi stagnation causes insomnia at night, and even more neurasthenia. < / P > < p > I often feel fickle, and I can’t settle down in anything I do. If there is a little thing, I will fight with each other red in the face, and my temper will come up. So really want to advise you, don’t move “liver fire”, this is the liver is not good, liver fire is exuberant performance, this is also the signal that the body gives us. < / P > < p > patients with liver disease can’t eat more because they can feel Qi in their body. Even if they eat less, they can also feel bloated, especially when they have eaten a meal. Because the liver is not good, the body secretes little bile, the digestive system can not deal with the accumulation of food, slowly rotten fermentation formed abdominal distension. Drinking more water is of great benefit to our body. It can not only replenish the necessary water for the human body, but also be conducive to metabolism, defecation and stone prevention. Adding some herbs in water, such as chrysanthemum, cassia seed and burdock root, can not only reduce cholesterol, clear liver and detoxify, but also prevent liver cirrhosis. Sanguishan Ligan tea is made of six kinds of plants and herbs through scientific proportion, and the effect of nourishing liver and protecting liver is more prominent. HEALTHY LIFE