A 32 year old woman suffered from advanced gastric disease at a young age. Expert: if you don’t pay attention to drinking water, you will hurt your stomach and yourself

One night, 32 year old Xiao Li felt upper abdominal pain. At first, she didn’t care. She thought it was the old problem of stomachache. She took some medicine and it would be OK. But Xiao Li’s stomach was constantly jerking. Even after taking the stomach medicine, her pain still did not abate. She was really in pain. She forced herself to come to the hospital, and the doctor took her for gastroscopy. As a result, Xiao Li was diagnosed with stomach disease late Period. It is said that hot water is a good thing. When we have a cold and headache, we will be reminded to drink more hot water and drink hot water to detoxify. Xiao Li has the habit of drinking hot water every day, but she prefers to drink hot water, not only hot water, she also likes to eat food just out of the pot. Over time, these habits became the root of Xiaoli’s late stomach disease. In this regard, experts said that drinking water does not pay attention to, not only hurt the stomach but also hurt yourself! < / P > < p > when we drink hot water and eat hot food, we often feel tongue numbness, which is a warning from the body: the normal temperature of our oral cavity is 36.5-36.7, while the maximum temperature that ordinary people can bear is only about 50 degrees. If we drink and use hot boiled water for a long time, it is easy to damage oral mucosa, gastric mucosa and mucosa repeatedly In the past, it will harden and increase the risk of disease. < / P > < p > walking in the streets, you can often see a lot of fried food: fried dough sticks, oil cakes, fried balls, fried spring rolls These things are cheap and delicious, and many children and adults like them, but these fried things are toxic. Most fried foods contain high concentrations of acrylamide, which is a carcinogen. The repeated use of oil and gutter oil is also bad for our health. < / P > < p > in this fast-paced era, every household may prepare some pickled vegetables, but it is important to know that the pickles often contain nitrite. Nitrite has a great role in promoting the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer, which will greatly increase the incidence of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. < / P > < p > friends who love spicy hot must pay attention to it. Malatang is not hygienic, and a large number of bacteria will grow after a long time of storage. Too much formaldehyde, preservatives and other additives used in spicy hot, will aggravate the detoxification of human liver and kidney organs, but also increase the risk of gastric cancer. < / P > < p > it’s a pity to pour out the dishes that can’t be finished. Most people will choose to keep the next meal. It’s no harm to eat leftovers occasionally. If you eat them regularly, you will increase your risk of cancer. Overnight food will produce a lot of micro bacteria, as well as pathogenic nitrite. If you eat too much nitrite, it is very unfriendly to our stomach. If you still often eat leftovers, you must pay attention to it. < / P > < p > the ancients loved to drink tea, not only because of its taste, but also because of the way of nourishing the stomach. Li Shizhen has recorded a diet prescription for nourishing and warming the stomach, which can effectively relieve halitosis, dyspepsia, stomach distension and stomachache. Prescription records: choose Hericium erinaceus, clove, orange peel, barley, seabuckthorn, hawthorn, jujube, Poria cocos, bergamot, a bag every day, you can have a healthy stomach. It is not a good habit to eat too fast. Eating too fast can easily increase the burden on the stomach, and it is also difficult to absorb nutrition, which can lead to obesity. However, chewing slowly can promote the digestion and absorption of the stomach. < / P > < p > like people, our stomach has its own work and rest. The night is the time for self-healing of the intestines and stomach. During this period of time, it is best not to eat, otherwise the operation of the stomach will be damaged, and indigestion and stomachache will occur. As the old saying goes: “conform to nature, only then can form and spirit be harmonious.” < / P > < p > stomach meridians are distributed in the front of the body, which runs through the eyes to the feet. After eating, you can massage by tapping for about 10 minutes each time to stimulate and comb the meridians, which can relieve discomfort and regulate the intestines and stomach. Conclusion: the stomach is like farmland in the human body. Many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of the stomach, resulting in stomach disease becoming the occupational disease of office workers. We must pay attention to nourishing the stomach in daily life, and do not eat indiscriminately. At the same time, we can drink more nourishing tea to prevent stomach disease. CUISINE&HEALTH