A boy in Taiwan has many bruises on his body

A kindergarten in Guiren District, Tainan, Taiwan Province, was accused by parents of improper management and teaching, resulting in bruises and bruises on the left chest of a 5-year-old son. He was so angry that he called the police and sent the process to the Internet for disclosure. However, the accused kindergarten director Lin offered the monitor pictures on the 19th and stressed that the student constantly interfered with teachers and students in class. Therefore, the teacher seized the student to the corridor and punished him, resulting in accidental injury, but no improper discipline was found.

according to Taiwan’s news on October 20, parents accused that they received a phone call from the kindergarten at noon on the 16th of last month, saying that “the child was injured and was caused by collision with three other children”. After going to the kindergarten to learn about it, they asked whether their son’s injury was caused by “collision”? The son not only denied that the other three children also said that “they didn’t play together, nor did they collide”; later, Yuanfang changed his claim that “it was caused by the teacher’s carelessness”, questioning that the kindergarten was suspected of concealing.

However, the head of the kindergarten surnamed Lin complained that when the incident happened, he asked how the child was injured? The child said it was “caused by collision with classmates”, and even repeatedly confirmed whether it was injured by the teacher? The boy also denied it; however, when the parents arrived at school, the child changed his mouth, so there was no such thing as “concealment” as the parents said.

director Lin also said that because the case occurred in the park, he had released his good will, coordinated with the boy’s father, and was willing to compensate NT $140000 for tuition fees to help transfer schools. However, the boy’s mother did not nod, so he could only take legal measures. Focus