A female teacher in a private school in Zhejiang Province was arrested for embezzling 280000 tuition fees to repay online gambling debts

Xiaoyu, a private school teacher in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, embezzled tuition fees to repay previous gambling debts due to her obsession with online gambling. On October 12, the surging news learned from Jinhua Wucheng District procuratorate that Xiaoyu was arrested by the Wucheng District Procuratorate of Jinhua a few days ago for suspected embezzlement of funds.

Xiaoyu graduated from a normal school and was employed as a teacher by a public school after graduation. Since 2017, she has been infatuated with online gambling. She has not only exhausted her savings, but also borrowed money from various online platforms to gamble. In 2019, her salary will be unable to pay off her gambling debts.

in September 2019, Xiaoyu heard that the income of teachers in private schools in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was relatively high. She applied to a private junior high school in Jinhua city with an annual salary of 120000 yuan and performance bonus. As the personal debt crisis became more and more serious, she could not borrow money from the Internet platform, so she started the idea of student tuition.

the tuition fee of Xiaoyu’s private school is more than 10000 yuan per semester. At the beginning of this year, she released a message to the parents of her class, saying that in addition to paying tuition fees through official channels, parents can also hand over the tuition fees to her. Finally, 21 parents transferred the tuition fees to Xiaoyu through wechat.

when the school opened in April, the financial department found that many students in Xiaoyu’s class did not pay tuition fees in time. After the school asked their parents, the matter came to light. The school immediately contacted Xiaoyu to ask for the tuition fee to be paid as soon as possible, but she failed to repay the misappropriated funds. On August 19, Xiaoyu, accompanied by her colleagues, committed suicide at the local police station.

according to the survey, except for the tuition fees of 2 students, the tuition fees of other 19 students totalling more than 280000 yuan were embezzled, and most of the tuition fees have been used to repay gambling debts.

the prosecutor had contacted Xiaoyu’s family many times. Her mother and sister said that they had emptied their savings and even borrowed all their relatives in order to help pay off gambling debts. Now they really can’t do anything about it. 08/17/2020