A male teacher of a primary school in Hong Kong arrested for seducing a girl into taking photos

Hong Kong police arrested a 37 year old primary school teacher who was teaching in Sham Shui Po on October 9. He was suspected of using virtual weapons of online games to entice underage girls to provide indecent photos and videos. He will appear in Shatin magistracy on the 12th. Police said seven suspected underage girls were victims in the case. According to the report, Guo Shihui, senior inspector of team 3C of the serious crime unit of the New Territories South region, said that in early September this year, a woman reported that she had sent several indecent photos of herself in her 8-year-old daughter’s mobile phone. Police investigation found that the girl in August this year in a mobile phone game, know a strange man. The man prompted the girl to provide indecent photos in exchange for virtual weapons. The investigation also found that the man had a video conversation with the girl, during which the girl made indecent behavior. Police arrested a 37 year old man surnamed Qiu who was a primary school teacher in Sham Shui Po in a residence in Jiulongwan on September 9. Police found 20 indecent photos and 3 indecent videos in his mobile phone, suspected to belong to another 6 underage girls. The man was arrested on suspicion of “using, soliciting or providing a person under the age of 16 for making pornographic articles”, “making indecent acts against children under the age of 16” and “possession of child pornography”. He has been charged with one count of “using, procuring or providing a person under the age of 16 to make erotic articles”. The case will be brought to court in Sha Tin magistracy on December 12. According to the report, police investigation found that during the period from December 2018 to September this year, the suspects got to know the victims through mobile games, and used the communication function in the game to select girls at random. Men will send out virtual weapons unconditionally to reduce their vigilance. After exchanging contact information with each other, they will further communicate through other social media. They will also provide virtual weapons under the pretext to lure girls to provide indecent photos and videos. Guo Shihui said that at this stage, there is no evidence to show that the student teaching by the suspect is the victim of the case or has been harassed. The police will make further investigation and confirmation with the relevant schools in due course. She said that except for the 8-year-old girl who reported the case, the remaining six people could not be identified for the time being. She appealed that anyone in a similar case should immediately turn to the police for help. In addition, Hong Kong media reported that the Hong Kong police have warned that anyone who uses, procures or provides a person under the age of 16 to produce pornographic articles or perform live pornographic performances is liable to a maximum fine of HK $3 million and imprisonment for 10 years. The Hong Kong Education Bureau said that it had contacted the schools immediately and offered advice and support as needed. As the police are investigating the incident, the Education Bureau will not comment. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore