A newborn boy from Singapore with new coronal antibody

A novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Singapore in March. According to

, 29, a newborn baby was born in November. It is reported that the woman is one of the few people in Singapore infected with the new crown during pregnancy and has given birth. The woman’s name is Zeng sailin, 31, according to the report. In March, after a 10 week pregnant trip back to Singapore from Europe, she, along with her mother and daughter, became infected with the new coronavirus. At that time, her mother almost died and was hospitalized for four months, while she and her daughter had mild symptoms and were discharged after two and a half weeks. On November 7, Zeng sailin gave birth to a second child, 3.5 kg, a boy. Fortunately, newborns not only do not have new coronavirus infection, but also carry their own antibodies. “It’s interesting to say that pediatricians say my new coronal antibody has disappeared, but my son has antibody,” Zeng said. The doctor suspected that I passed the antibody to him when I was pregnant 20