A pack of cigarettes a day, how long will the lung turn black? After quitting smoking, can the lung return to normal?

There is no doubt that smoking is harmful to health, but in daily life, the number of smokers is still increasing. The first adverse effect of smoking on the body is the lung, followed by the blood vessels, heart, brain and other parts of the harm, there are studies and data show that long-term smoking will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer rate will also increase. Not only that, smoking may also affect the health of the family, smoking alone, the whole family suffer! < / P > < p > for long-term smokers, if they smoke a pack a day, how long will their lungs turn black? After quitting smoking, can the lung return to its original state? If so, how long will it take? Let’s talk about it in detail. I hope the smokers can quit smoking as soon as possible after watching it. < p > < p > cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine, tar and other harmful materials, a pack of cigarettes every day, the lungs will produce a lot of garbage, the self-cleaning function will gradually decline, the cilia in the body will be damaged, the lung function will gradually decline, and the lung will gradually turn black. < / P > < p > generally speaking, at the rate of one pack of cigarettes a day, the lungs may turn black in three years. If at the same time there are other lung injury habits, the lung will only blacken faster, the damage will be more serious. Of course, there is no uniform standard for each person. Everyone’s constitution is different and their tolerance to tobacco is different. But there is no doubt that the longer you smoke and the more you smoke, the more serious the lung damage will be and the shorter the time of blackening. < / P > < p > most people who smoke for a long time often cough and expectoration. They also have a heavy smell of smoke. Their teeth and whole facial skin will turn yellow and dark. Compared with their peers, they will look older and have an increased risk of disease. With the enhancement of public health awareness, some smokers have the idea of quitting smoking, but do not know whether the lung can recover as before after quitting smoking? How long will it take? The earlier you quit smoking, the better your lung will recover. Whether your lung function can recover is closely related to the amount of cigarettes you smoke and the length of time. If the age of smoking is relatively short and the first smoking is not long ago, the lung cilia repair faster after smoking cessation, and the lung may recover as before. If the smoking age is very long, it will take some time for the lung to repair. It may not be able to recover completely as before, but the lung will definitely improve significantly. < / P > < p > when you start to quit smoking, your body will have a good change. After quitting smoking for about a week or two, your lungs will begin to repair, and the content of carbon monoxide in your body will be greatly reduced. After quitting smoking for one or two months, the lung function will gradually recover, and the feeling of cough, expectoration and chest tightness may no longer be common. After quitting smoking for one or two years, the risk of cardiovascular problems will be reduced In short, the longer you quit smoking, the more benefits you will get. < / P > < p > maybe for the old smokers, they think it is too late to give up smoking now, and they have missed the best age. Although it is said that the earlier you quit smoking, the better. It is best to quit smoking before the age of 35, but as long as you really want to quit smoking, it is not too late! < / P > < p > in the process of quitting smoking, some smokers find that they have gained weight and often suffer from insomnia. In fact, this is a normal withdrawal reaction. It is a strange habit of smoking. Don’t give up halfway. They think it’s an adverse reaction brought about by quitting smoking. If you stick to it, you can stop smoking successfully. To sum up, a pack of cigarettes a day may blacken the lungs within 3 years. After quitting smoking, the lungs may recover as before. However, this should be judged according to your smoking age and smoking volume. Quitting smoking will only make the lungs better and better! For the sake of their own and family health, I hope that smokers and friends give up smoking as soon as possible. PARRENT&CHILDREN