A sharp increase in suicide among children in Japan

A total of 246 children committed suicide in the country from April to October 2020, an increase of 58 over the same period in 2019, according to statistics released by the Ministry of health, health and labor, the Japan Broadcasting Association reported on the 25th. In this regard, experts believe that this situation may be related to the life changes caused by the new epidemic. It has been reported that the number of children seeking medical treatment and consultation in many medical institutions in Japan has increased recently. According to Kato Wei, a psychologist at a hospital in Fukuoka, the number of patients who come to consult on suicide related problems has increased by two times compared with previous years. Among them, the psychological problems of young patients under 20 years old are particularly serious. According to the report, although some schools have also made great efforts in children’s psychological counseling, how to detect children’s suicidal tendency is still a big problem. A school teacher who once served as a child’s psychological counseling said, “it’s not easy to master children’s ideas accurately.”. In view of the current situation of the sharp increase in the number of children committing suicide, Shinai Zhao, a psychology professor at Kansai Foreign Studies University, said, “this may be related to the increase in social anxiety caused by the new epidemic and the changes in life.”. As for how to prevent, Xinjing believes that it is necessary to carefully observe children’s changes and accurately grasp their ideas. CUISINE&HEALTH