Abstinence too long, will “trouble”? Two problems to be careful, pregnant men pay more attention

Semen contains 5% sperm, and the remaining 95% is seminal plasma. Most of the semen that comes out of each “roommate” is seminal plasma. Usually 90 days or so is the cycle of sperm production, testis will generate new sperm within 24 hours, to maintain a regular husband and wife life, can make sperm normal discharge, but also conducive to metabolism. Sperm and food also have a certain shelf life, if not smoothly discharged, can be stored in the scrotum, which makes sperm aging, reduce its quality, weaken sperm motility. Long time abstinence not only can not improve the quality of sperm, but also can discharge too many aging sperm with poor vitality, which is not conducive to eugenics. < / P > < p > when men have desire, the brain can stimulate the pituitary gland, making the penis over excited, but excessive suppression of their own desire will make the sexual organs insensitive to stimulation. In addition, the long-term absence of “roommates” will make the motor nerve become sluggish, and even accelerate the speed of degeneration. Because the corpus cavernosum in the penis contains a lot of smooth muscle, if the amount of activity is small, it will make the nerve excessively dull, smooth muscle will also slowly degenerate, leading to erectile dysfunction, impotence and premature ejaculation. In addition, the long-term absence of sexual “love” will also affect men’s psychology. After strong sexual stimulation, they will quickly form psychological premature ejaculation over time. In addition, if the long-term sexual impulse is not effectively released, the prostate will continue to congest and accumulate too much prostatic fluid, thus increasing the risk of prostatitis. < / P > < p > before pregnancy, men go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, which can roughly understand the physical condition and sperm quality, and see if there are diseases in the body that can affect pregnancy and fetal development. < / P > < p > men’s excessive pressure can make sperm change and reduce its vitality. Therefore, men’s demand will reduce the pressure and keep their body and mind relaxed, so as to ensure the quality of sperm and maintain their health. < / P > < p > men should not wear tight pants and jeans during pregnancy, which will increase testicular temperature and affect spermatogenesis. In addition, the poor local air permeability may breed a large number of bacteria and infect the disease. In addition, it will hinder the local blood circulation and lead to testicular congestion. Also cannot steam sauna and take a hot bath, lest kill spermatozoon. In addition, you can’t sit and ride for a long time, which will compress the perineum, urethra and scrotum, cause local congestion, slow down blood circulation, increase local temperature, and damage spermatogenic cells. In addition, to achieve self-care, active treatment of various genital infections, such as urethritis, epididymitis and prostatitis. < / P > < p > in conclusion, abstinence can not improve sperm quality during pregnancy preparation. Semen also needs to be metabolized. If semen is not excreted for a long time, seminal plasma will not be renewed and energy will not be provided for sperm. As a result, sperm aging and death will be caused and eugenics will be affected. During pregnancy, sperm can be excreted every 3-5 days. 08/17/2020