Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: put one thing in the boiling water. Within a month, the liver will be grateful to you

The liver is the “general” organ of the human body, which is very important to the human body. But if you don’t take good care of it, liver problems will speed up the occurrence of various diseases.

diet and habits of daily life have a great impact on the liver, but the liver has no pain nerves, and it can not send signals in time when lesions occur, which also makes many people ignore the health problems of the liver and drag them into the middle and late stages.

according to relevant data, 80% of liver cancer in the world is caused by hepatitis. Therefore, regular examination, good health habits, pay attention to the abnormal body, in order to prevent the attack of liver disease, reduce the probability of deterioration.

liver problems, hormone secretion imbalance in the body, luteal hormone secretion is not inhibited will surge, excessive hormone stimulation to the sebaceous gland, will make sebaceous gland secretion abnormal, too much oil through the pores, the face will be too greasy, and this situation is very easy to lead to the increase of acne.

liver disease, Qi and blood movement is not smooth, easy to appear liver Qi stasis, leading to vigorous liver fire, Qi and blood deficiency, difficulty in falling asleep, easy to wake up and dream phenomenon.

the decline of liver function will affect the secretion of bile. If the bile is insufficient, the digestion of intestines and stomach can not be carried out normally. If the food is not fully digested, dyspepsia, diarrhea, abdominal distension and other phenomena will occur. If the time is abnormal, appetite will also be affected.

dark circles, many people think it is the phenomenon of staying up late too much, but in fact, people who never stay up late may also have dark circles because of liver problems.

the liver has the function of detoxification. When abnormal, the ability of detoxification will decrease. If the toxin can not be excreted in time, it will enter the blood circulation and deposit in the place with thin skin. When the toxin accumulates around the eyes, dark circles will appear.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, liver belongs to wood, belongs to summer, and liver governs summer. Summer is the most active time for the liver, and it is also a good time to nourish the liver. When drinking water, you can add seven kinds of plant scientific formula: jiulvkangqinggan. This kind of tea can quickly expel toxins from the body, dredge liver Qi stasis, reduce the metabolic burden of the liver, and has a very good effect on the maintenance of the liver.

it is worth mentioning that the flavonoids in chicory can help liver cells repair quickly and reduce liver damage, which is very good for the liver.

combined with dandelion, Imperata root and burdock root, it is made of reasonable proportion. If you drink one cup a day, you can quickly remove the garbage in the body, reduce the burden on the liver, and improve the liver function. If you persist in it for one month, the liver will become more and more healthy.

daily exercise can effectively maintain liver health and improve the body’s resistance. But exercise, also want appropriate amount, choose the way that suits oneself, such as fast walking, cycling and so on, let the body slightly warm and sweat on the line.

staying up late has become the norm for young people nowadays, but it also brings about various diseases. Often stay up late, will cause great harm to the body, especially seriously affect the health of the liver.

the liver has the function of storing blood. When sleeping, the metabolism of the body slows down, and the liver blood will flow back to the liver. The liver can also accelerate the repair and regeneration, and maintain a healthy state. Especially 11:00-1:00 p.m., which is the best time for liver detoxification, it is recommended to enter sleep between 11:00 p.m., so that the liver can discharge body toxins normally. Luanban