Adhere to DINK for 12 years, 36 year old accidental pregnancy, after the birth of the child can not help feeling: Zhenxiang

Some time ago, a good news came from a college roommate that she had a child. Everyone was quite surprised. Although our group knew she was pregnant in the second trimester, she still hasn’t recovered much. This roommate was a firm DINK when he was in college. He also solemnly declared that I would not have children, and it would be impossible in my life! Her boyfriend didn’t have any special ideas about having a baby. After discussion, they agreed. So even though she got married two years after graduation, she didn’t give birth to the child until she was 36. Moreover, her state is not as expected, because she dislikes children and neglects to raise them. In fact, after giving birth, she has completely become a baby basking maniac. She can see her baby’s lovely face in the circle of friends every two days. < / P > < p > in addition, there is a deep-seated reason. Although he has insisted on DINK for 12 years, his husband is still wavering under the urging of his family. In the first two years, he listened to his truth after drinking, and his roommate thought a lot. < / P > < p > “before, I thought it was too troublesome to take a baby with me. It was better to live a life as you please. Later, I found it more troublesome to be a DINK, and the psychological pressure can’t be ignored,” she said. In fact, DINK is also a kind of life choice. I still hold a neutral attitude towards it. I neither advocate nor oppose it. As long as you are happy and responsible for it. The dinks, who have no parenting pressure, may not be able to escape this disaster. Without children, the relationship between husband and wife will also encounter bottlenecks. If there is no common pursuit and language, it is easy to see each other and get tired of each other. < / P > < p > whether you admit it or not, having children makes both parties more cautious in marriage. After all, the consequences of a broken relationship at this time are immeasurable. < / P > < p > do you know? In the case of DINK, men tend to regret more easily than women. That is to say, the risk of DINK is greater for women. After all, there is the best age for childbearing. After 35 years old, the body begins to decline, and it is difficult to get pregnant and have children. < p > < p > reality is more cruel than movies and TV dramas. When DINK was about 40 years old, his other half filed for divorce or directly took his illegitimate son home. However, the reality is that good nursing homes often cost a lot, while ordinary nursing homes are not. The most important thing is that when you are old and ill, if you lose your ability to take care of yourself, your family will be more reliable. Therefore, the DINK people must make preparations early and save more money. They should not spend most of their income on tourism and pleasure. Otherwise, they will know what is no country for old people in their old age. < / P > < p > secondly, we should live a strong life in terms of emotions, hobbies and pension. Even if there is no one to accompany, we will not feel lonely, let alone lead to mental health disorder. Since you want to go your own way, let others say it. Pets