Adhere to work during pregnancy, the baby is born with a large birthmark, doctor: do not rule out the impact of work

I believe that during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have worried that there will be a birthmark on the baby’s body after birth. If the birthmark grows to a relatively secret part, it’s OK, but if < / P > < p > Yuanyuan’s job is the office of the company, and her main task is to be responsible for the printing work of the Department. After learning that she was pregnant, Yuanyuan thought about changing her job or directly raising her baby at home, but thinking about the pressure of life after her baby was born, Yuanyuan finally chose to bite her teeth and stick to it. Although she knew that the powder of the printer might affect the fetus, Yuanyuan, with a fluke mind, felt that her baby would not be so “sad”. Because the content of printing work is relatively simple, Yuanyuan’s pregnancy is relatively comfortable. In this way, Yuanyuan insisted on going to work until the first two days before labor, and everything went very smoothly. Yuanyuan finally gave birth to a little princess weighing 6 Jin. The little guy looks very much like Yuanyuan, and his small eyes are very cute. But when the nurse brought the baby over to let Yuanyuan see the child’s gender, Yuanyuan was still startled. < / P > < p > there is a large black birthmark on the little guy’s back, and Yuanyuan immediately shed tears when she saw it. “I gave birth to a daughter. It’s so ugly to have such a large birthmark. I’m sure I can’t wear it in the future.” The nurse felt that Yuanyuan’s mood fluctuated greatly. She quickly comforted her and said, “fortunately, it’s only on her back, not in a particularly conspicuous place. The child is still very lovely.” < / P > < p > after a while, Yuanyuan’s mood stabilized a lot, and she began to doubt whether the birthmark on her child was caused by her proximity to the printer during pregnancy. So Yuanyuan said her idea to the doctor. The doctor said that she could not rule out the possibility that the powder of the printer would have adverse effects after being inhaled by the mother, but the specific cause of the birthmark could not be determined. Obviously, the doctor’s answer did not relieve Yuanyuan’s remorse. “I knew I had a baby at home. Looking at the birthmark on my child, I really felt sorry for her child.” < / P > < p > there is a birthmark on the fetus, which is related to the inherited genetic genes of the fetus, the nutrition intake of the pregnant mother and the breeding environment, so it is necessary for the pregnant mother to pay attention to the details of life during pregnancy to protect the bright and clean skin of the baby. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, the pregnant mother provides daily nutrition for the fetus, in which the intake of trace elements is particularly important. The normal growth and development of the fetus requires continuous intake of calcium, magnesium and other elements. If these elements can not be supplemented in time, the development of pigment cells on the surface of the fetal skin will be disordered, leading to excessive pigment deposition. < / P > < p > when pregnant women are in an unhealthy living environment, the development of the fetus will naturally be affected. For example, when pregnant women are in a radiation, chemical stimulation and other similar adverse environment, the probability of fetal birthmarks will be increased to a large extent. Only in a healthy living environment can pregnant mothers create a suitable environment for the fetus. < / P > < p > when pregnant mothers are in a state of tension and anxiety, it is easy to have endocrine disorders. The maternal endocrine disorder will also bring some negative effects to the fetus. This will not only lead to more spots on the pregnant mother’s face, the fetus may also give birth to birthmarks. Therefore, it is necessary for pregnant women to keep their mood stable during pregnancy. < / P > < p > although the genetic genes are uncontrollable, it has to be said that pregnant mothers should pay more attention to their living habits and some details of life, and try to create a nutritious and healthy environment for the fetus. What do you think of the formation of the birthmark on the fetus? After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so