Adult can choke in water, why can fetus stay in amniotic fluid so long? The reason is often unexpected

It’s a good thing for the fetus. Throughout pregnancy, the fetus is surrounded and protected by amniotic fluid, which is a natural protective barrier.

I don’t know if you’ve been under water for a long time, you can’t breathe normally. So how does the fetus breathe after being immersed in amniotic fluid for a long time? Won’t they choke? Now let’s explore the mystery.

babies in fetal period are different from adults. Although their lungs have developed, they are not yet fully developed, and they will not contract and breathe like adults.

during pregnancy, the nutrition and oxygen absorbed by the mother will be provided to the fetus through the transformation of the placenta. The placenta can not only provide nutrition and oxygen to the fetus, but also replace the feces of the fetus. Therefore, the fetus does not need to breathe with mouth and nose, and naturally it will not be choked by amniotic fluid.

especially in the ninth month of pregnancy, they will continue to learn and practice breathing, which is why newborns have mastered the breathing mode at the moment of birth.

in fact, many pregnant mothers often feel the jump of their pregnant belly during pregnancy, which is different from fetal movement. This may also be the “hiccup” phenomenon caused by excessive swallowing when the fetus is practicing breathing ability.

at the moment when a newborn baby leaves the mother’s body, he often needs to cry, so that his abdomen will expand due to the action of exhaling and inhaling, so that the amniotic fluid is drained, so that the lung can inhale sufficient oxygen and drive the blood flow in the lung, so that the baby can use the breathing function more effectively.

according to statistics, among 50 million newborns every year, there are 5 babies who can’t breathe spontaneously. But natural labor can largely avoid this problem.

in fact, the lung development of a normal baby is better than that of a Caesarean birth, which is also the truth. Natural birth of the baby in the birth canal after extrusion, the lungs of amniotic fluid will also be squeezed out, will be more convenient for newborn breathing.

in fact, the name amniotic fluid has existed since ancient times. In ancient times, sheep intestines could do a lot of things. For example, the condom used for contraception was made of sheep intestines.

in addition, since amniotic fluid is wrapped in the amniotic cavity, it is more appropriate to call it “amniotic fluid”. It was named from the beginning, and has not changed since then.

during the whole pregnancy, it seems that the pregnant mother is pregnant hard, but in fact, the fetus is also working hard in her own way, so the pregnant mother should stop complaining secretly, because you are not the only one who is working hard during the whole pregnancy. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE