African American pregnant women were kneeling down by police when they were arrested, leading to local demonstrations

As of 8 local time, protesters gathered in front of the city hall to refuse to leave for seven days after a police officer knelt down to pressure a black pregnant woman in Kansas City, foreign media reported. It was reported that the incident occurred on September 30. From video posted online, the black woman, Stokes, faces down when she was arrested, and is held down by police with her knees against her back and hip. A few seconds later, she was handcuffed and the police pulled her up and made her sit up hard. The police also said that more than a dozen people were gathering at the time of the incident, but nearby businesses wanted them to leave. One of the men interfered with police investigations and refused to leave. “And the pregnant woman and a man tried to drag the suspect away from the police.” The police tried to arrest the woman, but because of her resistance, the police pressed it on the ground. But Stacy Shaw, a lawyer for stolins, denied that he did not block police arrests. Shaw also said that storins now has “a nerve problem in the back” and a large bruise. She has been to the hospital twice and is now safe for her fetus. Protesters gathered in front of the city hall have asked Kansas City Police Chief Richard Smith to resign and want to dismiss the people, the report said. They also called for the city to redistribute 50 per cent of its departmental budget to social services to help black communities, AP reported. 08/16/2020