After 45 years old, if your body turns yellow in 2 places and turns black in 1 place, it means that your liver is not very good and you should nourish it

With the growth of age, the functions of various organs of the body are gradually degenerating. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, and its health deserves our attention. < / P > < p > but the liver is like a child who can’t speak. When it is in danger, it won’t ask for help in time. When it is injured, it won’t send an important signal to the human body. It’s too late to find out the problem, so we should pay attention to every organ of the body. Let’s see where the two parts of our body turn yellow. < / P > < p > skin yellowing: after liver damage, one of the most significant characteristics is skin yellowing. When the liver is damaged, it will affect the content of bilirubin in the blood. When the bilirubin content in the blood becomes high, it will make the cheek appear yellow phenomenon. But when the liver gradually improves, the phenomenon of yellow cheeks will gradually return to normal skin. < / P > < p > yellow tongue coating: the main reason for yellow tongue coating is the exuberance of liver fire. The reason for exuberance of liver fire lies in the irregular work and rest of life. Staying up all night is a frequent and three meals a day. Too much fat and spicy food affects the blood circulation and increases the burden on the liver. It may also be caused by frequent and long-term depression. When the liver fire is strong, the detoxification ability of the liver is greatly reduced, which affects the digestion ability of the intestines and stomach, and causes the phenomenon of yellowing of tongue coating. If your tongue coating turns yellow, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the liver. < / P > < p > in normal and healthy people’s nails, due to the sufficient blood supply, the surface is round and smooth, with uniform thickness, no streaks and spots. According to TCM. If there is a problem with the liver, there will be obvious signal on the nail. If there is a black spot, it means that the blood circulation is impaired. In this way, we should pay attention to it. This is actually the manifestation of liver damage. < / P > < p > of course not. The functions of every organ of the body are interrelated. In addition to the “2 yellow and 1 black”, liver damage, there will be the following abnormalities: < / P > < p > dark circles under the eyes: staying up late for a long time, lack of sleep, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of dark circles under the eyes, if you rarely stay up late, there will still be serious dark circles under the eyes, maybe it is liver problems < / P > < p > weight loss: no less food, no weight gain, but also reduce. The first thing to think about is the weakening of gastrointestinal function. Because after liver damage, food can not be fully digested and stored in the stomach, resulting in indigestion, and the nutrients absorbed by the human body will also be reduced, leading to people’s emaciation. < / P > < p > in recent years, more and more people with liver disease, especially after 45 years old, enter the high incidence period of liver disease, the probability of liver disease will be higher, so we should take liver protection measures to prevent liver disease. So, what can be done to protect the liver after 45 years old? < / P > < p > staying up late hurts the liver and anger hurts the body. This is a sentence we often hear. Research shows that if the daily deep sleep is less than 6 hours, all organs of the body will be affected to a certain extent, and the body’s immunity will be greatly reduced. It is suggested that we should go to sleep at about 10 o’clock every day. Sleeping too late will cause the liver to lose the time of self-healing, and the liver has been in the state of “overload” operation. < / P > < p > with the improvement of living standards, we are far from satisfied with the food we make at home. Occasional family gatherings, friends’ afternoon desserts and high-fat food in restaurants are everywhere. Frequent intake of high-fat food can easily lead to fat accumulation in the liver and increase the risk of fatty liver. 20