After 45 years old, it is suggested that a colonoscopy should be done for physical examination! Especially these five kinds of people

Therefore, effective early screening of colorectal cancer, as well as early intervention and treatment can significantly reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer, and early screening and regular examination are the most simple and effective methods to prevent colorectal cancer.

according to the statistics in 2015, there are about 3.929 million people with malignant tumors in China, of which 376300 are new patients with colorectal cancer.

but up to now, the diagnosis of colorectal cancer is basically in the late stage, and only 15% of patients can be found early. The early diagnosis and late diagnosis of cancer directly determine the survival rate of patients.

among the predisposing factors of colorectal cancer, besides genetic factors, intestinal polyps are also a predisposing factor. But the long-term development of polyps is not a single event.

in addition, adenomatous polyps are the most common in colorectal polyps, with 70% – 80%. The larger the polyps are, and if a lot of villi are found in the polyps, the higher the probability of malignant transformation will be. So if you want to prevent colorectal cancer, you must first prevent colorectal polyps.

although the discovery of colorectal cancer is basically in the middle and advanced stage, colorectal cancer is a tumor that can be prevented and screened in the early stage. The screening methods include colonoscopy, fecal occult blood test and so on.

but many people often choose not to do these two tests. Fecal occult blood test can check whether gastrointestinal bleeding symptoms, if there is bleeding, then need to further check colonoscopy diagnosis.

if there is no problem in the examination, colonoscopy can be done again every 3-5 years. If it’s a high-risk patient, it’s 40 years old.

if intestinal polyps are found by colonoscopy, they can be treated according to the specialist’s advice. If surgical resection is required, colonoscopy is recommended every year thereafter.

and under the guidance of specialists, we must regularly go to the hospital for reexamination of colonoscopy, so that early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment can be made, and the survival rate of patients with colorectal cancer can be improved. 2