After 50 years old, no matter men or women, people with short life span usually have seven commonalities. I hope you don’t have one

Life to 50 years old, is to know the age of destiny, at this time has been more than 50 years old, the body began to go downhill, if you do not pay attention to health, there will be many diseases began to appear, and these diseases will also lead to life shortened. After the age of 50, both men and women, short-lived people generally have these similarities.

stewed roast, salted, ham, smoked and other processed food taste unique, very popular. However, seasoning, salt and chemical components are added in the processing of processed food, which can cause cancer after excessive consumption.

some people have an unrestrained diet and prefer high fat and high sugar foods such as big fish, big meat, cakes and desserts in their life. In this way, they are at risk of suffering from three high diseases and will also lead to obesity. Obesity is a hidden danger to their health. Therefore, we must develop the habit of light diet and eat only seven or eight full meals, which is conducive to health.

in this aspect, there may be more women. They like to eat snacks and take them as meals. Many snacks contain salt, sugar and oil. If they are eaten frequently, they may not only gain weight, but also suffer from hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases, which is not conducive to health and longevity.

some people use drinks as water, carbonated drinks and sugary drinks, which are not good for their health. They can cause gout, obesity, diabetes and other diseases, seriously affecting their health.

many people can’t remember to drink water. They have to wait until they feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, there is water shortage in your body, which will affect your normal work. If the water shortage is serious, it will inhibit appetite and make the body feel pressure. When the water shortage in the body reaches 4% – 8%, the voice will be hoarse and the body will have no strength. If it is more serious, it will affect the safety of life, so we must develop the habit of drinking more water.

life lies in exercise. Exercise can make blood circulation better, promote metabolism and improve immunity. If you often do not exercise and sit for a whole day, it will lead to obesity, muscle relaxation and no strength, affect the normal immune function, increase the risk of chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, and shorten life span.

staying up late for a long time will reduce the body’s resistance, and easily suffer from obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other diseases. People who sleep seven to eight hours a day live longer, while almost 80% of people who sleep an average of four hours a night don’t.

therefore, if you want to live a long life, you should learn to start from the details of life, get rid of bad habits, eat less and eat more, refuse heavy food, and ensure adequate sleep. It’s better to fall asleep before 11 p.m., which is more conducive to health.

always remember to drink plenty of water, especially for people over 50 years old. Hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperglycemia are the first killers of human health. People after 50 years old should pay more attention to prevention.

no matter you are suffering from three high diseases or not, it is recommended that you drink some health tea such as Qingqianliu, Arctium lappa and cassia seed tea, which can reduce three high diseases and maintain cardiovascular system.

and then we should stick to moderate exercise and exercise for 30 minutes every day to improve our physical fitness. No smoking, no drinking, get rid of the bad habit of sedentary, every one or two hours to get up properly, learn to regulate negative emotions, maintain a good attitude, scientific health, so as to prolong life. Focus