After 90 pregnant mother “floating belly” is very characteristic, Netizens feel novel, but obstetricians can’t sit still

Lina is a pregnant mother born in the 90s. She got pregnant in less than a year. Lina’s status in the family is also rising, and immediately became the key protection object of the whole family.

my mother-in-law meticulously makes nutritious meals for Lina every day. She makes all kinds of delicious food for Lina. Lina herself is very fond of delicious food. Every time her mother-in-law carefully prepared food, it was easily wiped out by her. And after eating a lot of food, she doesn’t like sports, so she lies in bed, plays with her mobile phone, or watches TV on the sofa.

in the long run, Lina’s stomach is bigger and bigger, and she doesn’t want to walk. Recently, she suddenly found that her stomach was very big. When she stood up, she couldn’t see her toes. She also needed help wearing shoes, not to mention bending over to put on shoes. Even if she stood for a while, she would have a severe backache.

my husband took a picture of Lina’s pregnant belly and sent it to the Internet. Never thought, Lina suddenly online fire up. Her stomach protruded forward, a little sharp, as if suspended in the air. Netizens all think that the post-90s pregnant mother’s “floating belly” is very characteristic, calling “never seen such a big belly”.

However, the obstetrician couldn’t sit still and made a different statement, “such a stomach is really dangerous!” Moreover, from the point or circle of the stomach, we can not judge the sex of the fetus, so we should treat it rationally. This also breaks some so-called past people’s groundless speculation about the sex of the fetus.

pregnant women have a “suspended belly”, which is much bigger than ordinary pregnant women. Especially in the late pregnancy, when the fetus grows up, the belly will be bigger, and the waist and abdomen of pregnant women will also bear more weight, which often leads to backache and even walking difficulties.

from a doctor’s point of view, “floating belly” is a very dangerous phenomenon. Especially during pregnancy, if pregnant women accidentally cause uterine contraction, it is very easy to cause abdominal pain, and it is also very dangerous for the fetus.

if a pregnant woman has a “floating belly”, it may be caused by the fetus being too large, having more amniotic fluid or having a narrower pelvis, and the fetal position is not correct. When pregnant women give birth, the fetus will be more difficult to enter the basin, it is easy to have dystocia.

once pregnant, women should pay attention to nutrition supplement, and nutrition must be balanced. Only by absorbing comprehensive and sufficient nutrition, can we meet the needs of pregnant women and fetal development. But pregnant women should also pay attention to the reasonable supplement of nutrition, for example, some supplements can’t make a big special supplement, otherwise it will be counterproductive and harmful to the fetus.

in terms of diet, pregnant women should be moderate in terms of nutrition and weight, so as to avoid excessive nutrition of pregnant women and fetus. If the fetus is relatively large, there will be some difficulties in childbirth.

it’s easy for women to feel tired during pregnancy, and the amount of activity will be reduced. However, pregnant women often supplement a lot of nutrition, if not exercise, the absorption of excess nutrients will stay in the body, the formation of fat, leading to obesity during pregnancy. At the same time, it is easy to lead to the emergence of “floating belly”. Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy, we must carry out appropriate exercise, can consume some nutrition, it is best to keep walking every day in the company of their families.

when a woman has a “suspended stomach”, she usually chooses caesarean section, but rarely chooses natural delivery. This kind of pregnant women in childbirth, waist and abdomen will become more hard, the fetus is more difficult to enter the basin, may need to rely on forceps to help childbirth. But this kind of operation is easy to cause massive bleeding, more dangerous. Therefore, a pregnant woman with a “suspended belly” at the beginning of the birth, the doctor will recommend a caesarean section.

if pregnant women with “suspended stomach” can have a natural birth, they should also listen to the opinions of obstetricians. Do not blindly choose a natural birth, so as not to bring unnecessary risks to pregnant women and babies.

after pregnancy, women must pay attention to the balanced diet and reasonable collocation. They should have moderate diet and avoid overeating. It is suggested to go to the hospital for prenatal examination regularly to know the development of the fetus in time. And under the guidance of doctors, reasonable increase of dietary nutrition, balanced collocation, to avoid the situation of excessive nutrition and lead to excessive fetal size. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore