After a lot of efforts, why don’t muscles grow? Take a look at these suggestions

After a period of practice, I don’t know if I have found such a problem, that is, at the beginning, the effect of muscle growth is really obvious, which is exciting. But after a period of time, you will find that the muscle growth is very slow, even there is no big change. What is the reason for this?

today, let’s focus on this topic. Let’s take a look at the following points, which you know and which you don’t know. Let’s quickly add knowledge and quickly increase muscle!

you know, although we think through the brain and even control the whole body, our muscles are very smart. When you constantly want to break through the limit, the muscles will continue to strengthen for your purpose. On the contrary, if you always don’t exercise, or only use the same weight for unlimited exercise, the muscles think that they can meet your present needs It will not continue to grow.

we often say that we need to make a training plan. In the next few days, we will use this plan for training. However, the problem is that our muscles can always quickly adapt to this training mode. Even if you use a large weight, or countless times to stimulate muscle fibers, but the effect is not obvious.

but have you found that when the barbell is changed into a dumbbell, the weight that can be pushed is different, and sometimes the difference is very big. This shows that although the muscle adapts to one training posture, it does not adapt to other training postures. This shows that there is a gap in the control of muscle fibers from different angles. We need different training to make up for this problem.

Yes, it is to let the muscle not touch your training clue, so as to stimulate the muscle more effectively, make it become “excited” and grow faster.

if you want to increase muscle, you have to be kind to our muscles. Take a look at those fitness gods. They don’t know how much nutrition they provide to their muscles every day. You can’t want to run without grass. In addition, muscles also need rest. It also needs rest and recovery when you train it with high intensity.

in fact, there are some old sayings about this issue. I’ve repeated them countless times, and I won’t say more here. But I still want to remind you that, anyway, it’s a better time to supplement protein in time after training. Of course, the whole day protein supplement really can not be ignored, because no one knows when your muscles like to recover better and need more protein.

this is very similar to the details I said at the beginning, but I’m afraid many people don’t understand me, so I might be a little inky again. I suggest making a plan adjustment in about three months, that is, making some changes to many actions.

However, if you are a novice, I don’t recommend that you rush to change any training plan. What you need to do is to find out the details of each action, correct yourself, and then consider other problems!

everyone’s adaptability is different, so there will be some differences in adjusting the training time. Therefore, you may need to take notes of your training process and weight changes.

fixed instruments don’t need novice training, but free instruments need training at any time. One of the ways to stimulate muscle growth is through free weight training. In this process, you need muscles to stabilize the weight and body. These stabilizing muscles are important tissues that help you keep your joints strong and healthy, and help you suffer from some injuries. When you train with equipment, you won’t get these benefits.

well, to sum up, we talked about five main points today. Do you remember all of them? If not, consolidate. Hope these details can help you! 20