After autumn, children should eat these four things carefully! Eat one is equal to eat a plastic bag, accumulated food hurt spleen

In a twinkling of an eye, the beginning of autumn. The alternation of seasons at this time is the biggest test for children. Cold, fever, cough, spleen deficiency and food accumulation are the most common problems in children. These days, I heard a lot of Baoma in Baoma group that their children were sick. < / P > < p > children’s health is the greatest wish of parents, but in the process of children’s growth, they will encounter problems of one kind or another. Children because the spleen and stomach are still developing, more sensitive and vulnerable. Especially those children with weak constitution, it is easy to get sick. Therefore, during the alternation of seasons, we must be careful of children’s diet, try to avoid eating food that can cause cough and accumulation. Only in this way can we ensure the healthy growth of children. < / P > < p > the weather changes, the alternation of seasons, the occurrence of fever and cough are closely related to the accumulation of food. Parents need to pay attention to the children’s spleen and stomach, and can regulate the children’s spleen and stomach through the daily diet. < / P > < p > delicious chicken meatballs many children like to eat, but many of them are artificially synthesized. In addition to starch, there are many other additives added in the production process. For children, not only no nutrition, but also a great burden on the spleen and stomach, so that children are easy to accumulate food. < / P > < p > the soft candy snacks in the supermarket are good-looking and delicious. Many children like to eat them. However, although such snacks look good, often eat, will have an impact on children’s health, will affect the children’s body on the absorption of trace elements, and because of the addition of food additives, will increase the children’s spleen and stomach burden, so do not eat more. < / P > < p > this kind of food contains a lot of fat after being fried at high temperature. And the child’s spleen and stomach is relatively weak, transport capacity is limited, it is difficult to fully absorb. Moreover, this kind of food can not guarantee the quality. It is likely to be synthetic meat, once the child eats too much, it is easy to abdominal distension, accumulation of food, constipation, and even make the child’s spleen and stomach more and more deficient, often sick. < / P > < p > it’s OK to eat a little occasionally. However, if the children eat hard, it will not only increase the burden of spleen and stomach transportation, but also easily lead to the accumulation of food, phlegm dampness and cough. < / P > < p > children’s spleen and stomach are relatively fragile. Therefore, when the head of the family finds that food is accumulated, the method of food therapy is the most mild, and there is no side effect. Daily parents can give their children to drink some sea buckthorn red fruit powder, take seabuckthorn, yam, hawthorn, chicken Neijin, malt, orange peel, radish seed, galangal and honeysuckle. These ingredients can strengthen the spleen and clear the intestines and stomach accumulation into powder, and brew them for children to drink. It can improve the resistance of children’s spleen and stomach, promote peristalsis, and reduce the burden of spleen and stomach. < / P > < p > it is suitable for children over 1 year old with accumulated food and spleen deficiency. To improve the spleen and stomach, it can improve the spleen and stomach, because it can improve the spleen and stomach. In fact, when a child has a cough, it may not be that he is ill. It is likely that the protective mechanism of the body has reacted. If the child’s cough caused by accumulated food has not been cleaned up in time, there is no need to give the child medication. First clean up the accumulated food, regulate the spleen and stomach, and then stop the cough. < / P > < p > 2. If the child is found to have accumulated food and the spleen and stomach are weak, it is very important to clean up the accumulated food in time. If it is allowed to develop, it is likely that the child’s spleen and stomach will become worse and worse, and their constitution will become weak, and they will often get sick and hinder their development. 08/16/2020