After autumn, eat black beans and red beans, don’t forget to eat it, insist on eating 10 every day, full of energy

A few years ago, as soon as it was cold, my hands and feet were cold, my face was sallow, and I didn’t have any spirit. I didn’t have much hair, so I had to be very careful when I washed and combed my hair. After my aunt’s advice, I knew that it was because of the lack of Qi and blood! My aunt said that eating black beans and red beans in autumn can restore your look, but don’t ignore soybeans! < / P > < p > with a try attitude, I eat 10 of them every day. Unexpectedly, my face is ruddy, my spirit is full, and my hair is dark and thick! The weather is getting colder and colder, and many female friends will have similar confusion. This is a good time to eat soybeans. Soybean is rich in nutrition, which can be called the best in beans. < / P > < p > since ancient times, it has been said that “to live a long life, eat soybeans”. The protein content of soybeans is very high. The protein content of 500g soybeans is equivalent to 1500g eggs or 6000g milk. Eating soybean can make people full of energy and ruddy complexion, which benefits from its rich zinc, iron and soybean isoflavones, namely phytoestrogen. < / P > < p > it has long been recorded in books that soybean can replenish qi and moisturize skin. There are many advantages to eating soybeans in autumn, and there are many ways to eat soybeans. In addition to making tofu and soymilk, soybeans in soy sauce and stewing pig’s feet with soybeans are also quite popular. However, there is a lot of fat in soybeans. Eating soybeans doesn’t want to gain weight. Is there any good way? How to eat soybeans better in autumn? Soak with vinegar is the first choice to eat! Today, we will teach you how to make soybeans with vinegar. Soybeans and vinegar are a perfect match. A variety of organic acids in vinegar are not only conducive to the release of soybeans nutrition, but also can relieve the greasiness and create fragrance. The more you eat every day, the more slim you are. It’s really a lot of one stone! < / P > < p > when it comes to autumn, don’t forget to eat black beans and red beans. Stick to eating 10 every day and you will be full of energy. How to make vinegar pickled soybean? Let’s look at the practice. Need to prepare the ingredients are 100 grams of soybeans, vinegar amount. Vinegar pickled soybean is not suitable for all physical friends to eat, if you do not know whether you can eat, you can leave a message to me. < / P > < p > pour soybeans into the frying pan, which should be clean and oil-free. First fire fry dry, turn to small fire constantly stir fry. When the skin of the bean splits, the smell of the bean comes out, indicating that it is cooked. If it’s not easy to judge the fire, you can taste one. It should be crisp and fragrant. < / P > < p > after the soybeans are cooled, put them in a clean and airtight jar, and pour vinegar over the soybeans. Don’t fill it too full. Leave some space. Soybeans will swell after soaking. Here I talk about the use of vinegar! < / P > < p > vinegar is a perfect match for soybeans. Vinegar has the effect of convergence. It can make soybeans calm but not reduce the effect. It can also retain the nutrition of soybeans to a greater extent. It reminds you that soaking soybeans in vinegar can supplement qi and blood, but blending vinegar can’t! < / P > < p > how to distinguish? The simplest way is to look at the composition table, all ingredients appear in the “acetic acid” word is blending vinegar! Naturally fermented vinegar can only be made from grain, bran, beans, sugar and salt. In addition, there are preservatives, pigment added also don’t eat, I often use millet vinegar to soak soybeans, not cold, use it to do vinegar to soak soybeans better! < / P > < p > tighten the lid and store in the refrigerator. When the soybeans are not wrinkled, it means they are soaked well. It takes about a week. Do not soak too much at a time to avoid improper preservation and deterioration. < / P > < p > when is the best time to eat soybeans soaked in vinegar? How much do you eat every day? Vinegar pickled soybean can be eaten with three meals a day, especially for breakfast. It is also delicious as a side dish with porridge. It can also be used as a snack after dinner. But do not overdose vinegar beans, 1 teaspoon each time, about 10 grains, gargle after eating. < / P > < p > autumn diet pays attention to conform to the season. If we can insist on eating a few vinegar soaked soybeans every day, our face will be ruddy, shiny and full of energy. In autumn, when it is cold, our hands and feet will not be cold, and even our hair will be blessed! Have you learned how to soak soybean with vinegar? < / P > < p > among all kinds of home-made soybeans, vinegar soaked soybeans are delicious, nutritious, simple and easy to stick to. You might as well have a try! Autumn eat red beans, black beans, do not forget to eat soybeans, I wish you this autumn can also be full of energy! Take advantage of autumn is the best time to eat soybeans, hurry up! < / P > < p > do you like vinegar beans? Your every message, and every praise, are my driving force! If the article is helpful to you, please forward it to your relatives and friends! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE