After autumn, I often drink this soup for my family. It can nourish your face, moisten your lungs and prevent dryness in autumn. It is simple and nutritious. The cost is only a few yuan

Summer steals away, at this time, we usher in autumn, autumn, also brings the dryness of autumn, and in the human body there is still the heat poison of summer, so many people will have dry skin, dry throat, dry nose, dry lips, thirst, cough without phlegm, dry stool and other diseases sneak in, these people feel dry evil in autumn and the disease occurred are called“ Autumn dryness “. If we want to prevent and improve autumn dryness, we’d better start with diet. < / P > < p > traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has the saying of “nourishing liver in spring, nourishing heart in summer, nourishing spleen in long summer, nourishing lung in autumn and nourishing kidney in winter”. “White into the lung”, the nature of warm and cool light, often white food can clear away dry evil, dispel lung fire, generate fluid and nourish liquid, can well prevent the impact of autumn dryness on human body. The food with white appearance or white inside is white food material. The common white food is yam, lily, pear, lotus seed, lotus root, yam, tremella fuciformis, job’s tears, etc. < / P > < p > during this period, I often cook a pot of “lily, Sydney and tremella soup” for my family. Tremella fuciformis can nourish yin, moisten the lung, clear away heat and noise, nourish beauty and improve immunity; Lily can nourish the heart and mind, moisten dryness and nourish the face; and Sydney and rock sugar also have the effects of clearing heat, moistening the lung, relieving cough, resolving phlegm, clearing heat and detoxification. This soup is simple and nutritious, good to drink but not expensive. The cost is only a few yuan. In the alternate seasons of summer and autumn, especially in this special time of this year, drink a bowl every day. It is full of gum, sweet and moist, sweet but not greasy, moistening the lung, relieving cough and preventing dryness, and full of happiness. The more you drink, the more moist your skin will be. Don’t miss it. Production: 1. Prepare raw materials; 2. Soak tremella and Lily in cold water; 3. Tear Tremella into small pieces for standby; 4. Put Tremella into electric stew; 5. Add pickled lily; 6. Add appropriate amount of water; 7. After capping, press the stewing button on the electric stew pot for 2 hours; 8 There are still half an hour left to add small pieces of Sydney; 9. Add rock sugar, continue to stew and cook; < / P > < p > tips: 1. Soak Tremella in advance and then pick into small pieces; 2. Put tremella and Lily into electric stew pot, set the time for 2 hours; 3. Add the Sydney pieces and rock sugar in the remaining half hour, and then stew and cook. 08/16/2020