After “bee flower”, another “domestic” shampoo is popular! It’s a rotten street, but nobody uses it

When it comes to domestic products, they may not be well-known cosmetics or skin care products, but some shampoo products, such as the famous bee blossom hair conditioner. It can be said that the brand has been very popular since the grandmothers’ generation and generation of bees. Until now, the impact of various big brands in foreign countries has not weakened its popularity. < / P > < p > until this year, bloggers have been digging up various kinds of domestic products, and a domestic shampoo has been set on fire among the shampoo. Although it is rotten, people who have used it will not use it for the second time, and few people will insist on using it. Such a big difference between domestic products, it is a bit surprising, so what do you know about domestic shampoo series? < p > < p > we all know that bee blossom conditioner is easy to use, but its shampoo is also quite good, especially for oily hair. Because after his conditioner was washed. Hair oil is faster, but it is smooth and glossy, so it can last for a long time.

but his shampoo is also very hot with a faint aloe vera and green tea essence. A lot of bubbles can be rubbed out without any need. After washing, it will be smooth and refreshing, especially oily skin. After using it, the feeling will be very obvious. But do not match hair conditioner will obviously feel a little dry hair, and even hair dry situation, so still with hair conditioner to use. < p > < p > as a well-known shampoo, Piao Rou has been used by many girls, but it is easy to step on thunder. Although it smells sweet when used, it even has some light lemon fragrance to soak and degrease. But the effect after using is very chicken ribs, after washing the head, you will find that the hair is particularly dry and hairy. < / P > < p > and in the next day’s hair will appear serious dandruff, often large pieces of dandruff, and extremely itchy. Although the price is relatively low, but its consequences can not be ignored, so in the wind after the fire, Piao Rou also fire for a while, almost everyone has used it, but now there are not many people using it. < / P > < p > this shampoo is a household name, many people have used it, especially for girls with oily hair, it is more suitable to start with this shampoo. After washing your hair with it, you will obviously feel that the hair becomes particularly fluffy and refreshing, and the oil removal effect is obvious. But it is not particularly good after use, although there is no hair loss, but there will be continuous hair loss. Or a great impact on hair quality, and hair quality will become very fragile, often hair loss. < / P > < p > so this shampoo is often used by girls as an alternative to other shampoos. For example, it should be used once or twice a week to remove dandruff without deteriorating the quality of their hair. Or follow up the use of high moisture conditioner, but hair oil faster. < / P > < p > these three types are all domestic products with high popularity, among which bee flower is worthy of its name. Fire to now and Piao Rou used, and finally found that the improvement of hair quality and compliance effect is not as good as before, so adhere to the time is not long, and high flying silk targeted. But the softness of hair is not very good. So now can let the girls insist on using Chinese goods, which is only Fenghua. Although the others are hot, few people insist on using them. Focus