After being intimate with your husband, if you have pain in these two parts, quickly test whether you are pregnant

For women with regular partners, every time their “big aunts” don’t come, they will always be restless and wonder whether they have won the lottery. Women

bear the responsibility of childbearing. As long as they are healthy and have intimate behavior with their husbands, no matter how good the preventive measures are, there is a certain probability that they will “like to be mothers”.

Xiaoqi and her husband have been married for three years. Every time her mother-in-law knocks around, Xiaoqi takes her husband’s frequent business trips as an excuse, and thus leads a three-year “two person world”.

some time ago, after Xiaoqi came to my house, she was leaning on the sofa, arguing with a stomachache, and asked me to find some medicine for her. As I rummaged, I asked her what kind of pain.

Xiaoqi described it to me carefully: “it’s like the pain of aunt Lai, but it’s not so severe. It seems that the position is not too bad.” Then he added, “my aunt hasn’t come this month.”

hearing this, I snatched the tablets from Xiaoqi’s hand and urged her to test whether she was “happy”. Xiaoqi’s face is unbelievable, but for the sake of caution, promise me to go back and test it.

sure enough, Xiaoqi called me that night. It’s really “two bars”. I’ll have a detailed inspection tomorrow morning. At last, she asked me in an almost adoring tone, “you are so divine. Where do you see that?”

it is a very complicated process for women to conceive new life, which can be described as “magic”. If the mother’s uterus is compared to a piece of fertile soil, the baby is like a seed.

plants take root and sprout in the soil, branch and grow up. With the development, they will take root deeper and deeper. The arrival of the baby is very similar to this process, baby development at the same time, but also changing the internal environment of the uterus.

the mother’s body will make a series of adjustments and change into a pregnant state. These changes are not obvious, but as long as you feel them carefully, there are traces to follow.

in order to make the baby’s “easy nest”, after the embryo begins to take root, the uterus begins to adjust its own state. The size of the uterus will slowly expand and the inside of the uterus will become thicker.

at the same time, when the embryo settles down in the womb, the mother will also feel it. These subtle adjustments may make the mother feel slight dull pain or falling pain, but the pain is not particularly strong, and many Baoma ignore it.

the reason why we can use the pregnancy test paper to find out the good news of being a mother is actually the application of the feature that the body hormone level rises significantly after pregnancy.

during pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone is strong, which will stimulate the development of breast and make preparations for the coming lactation period. In the early pregnancy, the chest will appear obvious phenomena such as fullness, swelling pain and darkening areola color under the action of hormone.

therefore, from the moment of knowing that she is pregnant, the pregnant mother should first pay attention to whether her daily activities will cause harm to the embryo. Whether it’s work or wedding preparation, we should pay attention to rest, fatigue will increase the probability of abortion.

lying position in early pregnancy is the most suitable for fetal development. Abdominal pain, irregular bleeding and other symptoms may be the signs of fetal instability. At this time, under the advice of the doctor, the bed rest time can be appropriately extended to avoid strenuous exercise.

when the abdomen is not obvious in the first trimester of pregnancy, the lying position can meet the requirements of tocolysis. When the pregnant belly gradually becomes a significant burden, pregnant women can use left lateral decubitus according to their own conditions.

many moms have no psychological preparation for the baby’s arrival, so it often takes a period of time to adjust their mentality to accept the fact after they know that they are pregnant. In particular, pregnant mothers who have no pregnancy preparation plan and are accidentally pregnant need to speed up the arrangement of life planning.

I’m a candy mom, a learning and growing treasure mom, focusing on pregnancy and child care. If you want to raise your baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention to it. The candy mom team will answer your questions and solve your doubts. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!