After cutting the umbilical cord, the newborn caught hold of the scissors and felt very aggrieved. Does the baby feel pain?

By the time the baby is born, the umbilical cord is useless. The doctor cuts the umbilical cord, and from then on, the mother and the baby become two separate individuals.

after the baby is born, many mothers feel that cutting the umbilical cord is almost the same as crying, so they can’t help wondering if the baby will feel pain when cutting the umbilical cord.

a pregnant woman in a foreign country has been waiting for a long time, and finally came to the moment of childbirth. With the joint efforts of doctors and mothers, the baby was finally born smoothly.

but this is not the end. The doctor has to cut the baby’s umbilical cord and conduct the most basic examination for him. The doctor picked up the scissors and prepared for the most familiar procedure of cutting the umbilical cord.

as a result, the newborn suddenly grabbed the scissors with his little hand. At the same time, his facial features are all crowded together, looking both painful and aggrieved, as if to say, “brother, don’t cut my umbilical cord, OK?”.

even an experienced obstetrician is the first time to see this kind of situation. He can’t help feeling very strange. Later, we had to coax the baby first and then cut the umbilical cord.

the umbilical cord is a link between the maternal placenta and the fetus, which contains two arteries and a vein. In the mother’s ten months of pregnancy, the nutrients needed for the baby’s daily growth and development are transported through the umbilical cord.

from the appearance, the umbilical cord is gray, not bloody. Doctors just need to cut the umbilical cord with medical scissors and tie a knot in the newborn section.

after a long time, a section of umbilical cord on the newborn’s stomach will fall off naturally and become everyone’s navel. When the umbilical cord is cut off, the newborn will breathe independently and absorb nutrients to grow up.

this step is not very complicated. Some hospitals even give the father the job of cutting the umbilical cord in order to enhance the father’s sense of participation in the production. It can be seen that this is a relatively simple step.

there is no pain nerve on the umbilical cord, so when cutting the umbilical cord, the mother and the baby have no feeling. The baby because cuts the umbilical cord to cry the view, also is really the nonsense.

before the baby leaves the mother, the body needs oxygen and nutrients through the umbilical cord. After the baby is born, it needs to breathe independently.

when the umbilical cord is cut off, an oxygen route is cut off, and the baby must breathe autonomously through his own lungs. When breathing, the air vibrates the vocal cords, and the baby naturally makes a sound.

it’s a good thing that babies cry. Generally speaking, the louder you cry, the better your lungs develop. At the same time, it can also be proved that the baby’s vocal cords are normal, and the preliminary examination results are healthy.

after the baby is born, the navel doesn’t become normal all at once. After cutting the umbilical cord, there will be a part left in the baby’s stomach.

However, because the umbilical cord has lost the other end of the connection and has no meaning of existence, that part of the tissue will naturally die and fall off. Parents don’t need to be too anxious, just wait slowly.

although the umbilical cord has no effect, you should keep it clean at ordinary times and dry it in time after taking a bath. To prevent the occurrence of infection due to improper post care.

pay attention to the umbilical cord when nursing. Don’t squeeze the umbilical cord carelessly, which will interfere with the process of the umbilical cord falling off naturally. It may make simple things more troublesome.

when putting on clothes, try to avoid some clothes that are not easy to put on and take off. Baby’s clothes change more frequently. If it’s hard to put on and take off, not only adults will be affected, but also children will be irritable.

the fabric of clothing should also be soft, so as to make the baby feel more comfortable and prevent friction with the wound, infection or secondary trauma.

it’s not easy to take care of a newborn. Especially the parents are often novice parents, no experience, it is easy to be in a hurry when meeting things. Focus