After dinner, three things hurt the spleen most. Even if one of them is occupied, we should change it for our baby. If we don’t do three things, we will not accumulate food

Liangliang, 4 years old, is listless in kindergarten every day and often sleeps in bed. This makes Liangliang’s mother very angry. She has to drag Liangliang up every day. Liangliang’s mother suddenly found that Liangliang had grown “dark circles” these days. Liangliang’s mother thought that Liangliang would stay up late every day to play with her mobile phone, so she confiscated her mobile phone, but Liangliang was still listless every day.

it wasn’t until this week that he took Liangliang to have a physical examination. The data shows that Liangliang hasn’t grown at all in the past six months! Liangliang’s mother went to ask the doctor quickly, only to know that Liangliang didn’t grow up because of accumulated food. Including the bright “black eye”, but also the ghost of Jishi Dao!

if children accumulate food, they will not like to eat, including the weakness of the spleen and stomach, which will reduce their ability to operate and make them unable to absorb nutrition. In this way, the body can’t get the nutrition it needs, and it can’t supply the face, so there will be a kind of yellow face, lack of blood color, and “dark circles under the eyes”.

if a child suddenly doesn’t like to eat for a period of time, and is not so interested in the food he usually likes, he should be careful about accumulating food. This is because the child’s spleen and stomach have other accumulation of food, so the desire to eat is not big.

when children accumulate food, their tongue coating will not be white thin, but yellow thick or white thick. At the same time, the children’s mouth will have a bad smell, which is the putrid smell of food accumulation, especially after the children get up in the morning. Parents can look at their children’s tongue coating and smell their children’s breath every morning.

mix chicken kidney, seabuckthorn, Hericium erinaceus, hawthorn, Poria cocos, passion fruit and Chinese yam according to the proportion, wash them and stir fry them to dry coke. Then beat all ingredients into fine powder, take 6 g each time and add it to warm water to drink.

usually, parents wash the zinc spines of monkey mushroom into warm water or porridge, milk or rice paste. The taste is sour and sweet, and the medicine is not heavy, so children can easily accept it. Give children more drinks in a week to wash away their accumulated food, and children love to eat.

children usually have a lunch break in kindergarten. When they are full, they always want to go to bed. After lunch, the intestines and stomach are full of food, and the digestive system is working hard. At this time, if the child sleeps, it will affect the operation ability of the spleen and stomach. In the long run, it will lead to obesity, malnutrition and food accumulation.

many families have the habit of eating fruit after meals. Fruit itself does not occupy the stomach, it is easy to eat more. The spleen and stomach were originally responsible for the transportation of staple food, but now it increases the burden of fruits, which easily leads to unabsorbable fruits, gastrointestinal dyspepsia and diarrhea.

many of the older generation take care of their children and let them drink some water after meals for fear of choking. If children drink a lot of water after meals, they will dilute their digestive juice, which makes it more difficult to digest food. In this way, it is easy for food to accumulate in the spleen and stomach, and gradually form food accumulation and flatulence. Focus