After female micturition, should use paper to wipe? Most people don’t know these three points

A lot of physiological knowledge about women should be understood clearly, because mastering the mystery of the human body and maintaining the body in the right way is the key to keep healthy. Many women fall into misunderstanding in the process of maintaining the body and do not know which ways can promote their health. When the maintenance work is not done well, adverse symptoms will appear under the influence of bad living habits. Therefore, to understand the relevant physiological knowledge, through the correct measures to keep women healthy. < / P > < p > many women don’t know about their body knowledge, and they don’t know whether they can wipe their private parts with paper after urination. In fact, women want to prevent diseases, keep their private parts dry and clean, and this kind of measure can be implemented. < / P > < p > by wiping with paper towel, the local urine can be dried and the private parts can be kept dry to achieve the effect of disease prevention. Otherwise, after the urine is discharged, there is a small amount of urine residue in the local area, which can not only easily breed bacteria, but also make the private parts emit bad smell. It is necessary to wipe with paper towel to keep the health, which is the maintenance of women The body can take measures in the process. < / P > < p > women should pay attention to many aspects when wiping private parts, and the paper towel should also choose the right one. When wiping, the paper towel has contact with people’s private parts. If the paper towel is rough and not safe, it will have an impact after wiping. < / P > < p > to avoid this situation, we should choose the paper towel with good material and quality assurance, and pay attention to the strength when wiping, not too hard. In addition, directly use dry paper towel, do not use wet paper towel, wet paper towel is easy to damage the acid-base balance of private parts, but will have an impact. < / P > < p > in the process of maintaining women’s body, a lot of physiological knowledge should be understood, especially after urinating, the order of wiping with paper towel should be correct. Many people don’t pay attention to this problem. They discharge urine while defecating. They want to dry the urine in private parts, but they don’t pay attention to the order. They wipe the anus first and then wipe the private parts, which may have an impact. < / P > < p > because of the poor sanitary conditions around the anus, it is easy to have a large number of bacteria breeding. If the order is reversed, wiping the anus and then wiping the pudenda will bring local bacteria to the private parts, which will have an impact after invading the body. To keep healthy, the order can’t be reversed. Generally, wipe the private part first, and then wipe the anus. In this way, we can avoid the invasion of bacteria. < / P > < p > it is always necessary to understand the physiological knowledge related to women. After urinating, you can wipe it with a paper towel. In addition, you need to understand other relevant precautions. Taking care of your body in this way is the key to keep healthy, otherwise some diseases are prone to occur. 08/16/2020