After getting up in the morning, these four abnormalities are all informing you of one thing: if there is something wrong with the liver, check it as soon as possible

Although the liver is so important, people usually do not pay enough attention to it. Many people often do things that hurt the liver in their daily life, such as staying up late, smoking and drinking, sedentary, overeating, or not controlling their weight every day, which will lead to liver damage over time. < p > < p > at this time, we can’t feel the pain in the liver even when the pain in the liver tissue is so serious. < / P > < p > so we can’t wait until there are serious problems in the liver and the body function drops. We must find out the clues of liver disease in advance and do a good job in prevention and recuperation as soon as possible. And getting up in the morning is a very important time period. By observing some abnormalities in the body during this time period, we can also find out whether there are signs of liver problems. Now I’ll give you a specific explanation. < / P > < p > after getting up in the morning, there are a lot of people with bitter mouth and bad breath. This may be caused by not paying attention to oral hygiene, and another may be caused by gastrointestinal diseases and stomach qi. In addition to these two cases, there is also the reaction of liver disease. < / P > < p > abnormal liver metabolism will give off a sour smell in the mouth. This is due to the decrease of liver function, which leads to the increase of urea ammonia content in the blood, and a part of ammonia will escape with one breath and one inhalation, resulting in halitosis. < / P > < p > gingival bleeding is not only related to oral diseases, but also related to liver diseases, because the liver is the body’s hematopoietic organ. If the liver cells are damaged and abnormal, it will lead to the decline of coagulation factor function and the disorder of coagulation mechanism. When I brush my teeth in the morning, there will be gingival bleeding. Even if I bite hard food, there will be blood stains. If the gingival bleeding is often smaller, it may be caused by chronic hepatitis. < / P > < p > after a night’s sleep and rest, the body has accumulated a certain amount of urine, so it needs to be discharged in the morning. If you find that your urine is dark yellow, like tea, and a little red, it is because of the decline of liver function and the increase of bilirubin in the blood. At this time, the urine color is not only deep, but also smelly, so we should go to the hospital to check the liver function as soon as possible, and do a good job in conditioning. < / P > < p > people with liver diseases often find pain in the right upper abdomen when they get up in the morning. This is because abnormal liver function leads to liver enlargement, increases the tension of liver capsule, and causes the nerves or tissues around the liver to be pulled, which leads to pain. The pain situation is different due to different conditions. Most of them will have distending pain, acupuncture pain or dull pain. If they are active, the pain will aggravate. < / P > < p > if there is a problem with the liver, then our whole body will inevitably have big problems and be greatly injured. So if you get up early and have the above performance, you must pay enough attention to it and go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible. < / P > < p > in addition to actively cooperating with the treatment, people with liver diseases must pay attention to strengthening diet conditioning. They can appropriately eat some food to nourish and protect the liver, develop a good work and rest rule, quit smoking and drinking, and strengthen exercise. Only in this way can they nourish and protect the liver. 08/17/2020