After lung nodule finishes an operation, why always cough? How can it be alleviated? The doctor told you

With the gradual improvement of medical level in modern society, people pay more and more attention to the occurrence of diseases. Some units also organize a physical examination every year. Recently, I saw a piece of news saying that Mr. Huang is in a bad mood recently. The reason is that he found many nodules in his lung during the physical examination. After the operation, he often coughs. He has been worried about whether cancer will occur? < / P > < p > pulmonary nodules are more common in European and American countries, especially in people in their 30s and 40s. The cause of the disease is unknown, which may be related to respiratory tract infection, long-term smoking and other factors. Early general no symptoms, or cough, expectoration, fever, no appetite and other symptoms. Some people will have some skin damage, such as some red papules, sometimes subcutaneous nodules. There are also some eye damage, keratitis, conjunctivitis, blurred vision, eye pain and other symptoms. < / P > < p > you may have a misunderstanding that after the operation, it should be all right. In fact, it won’t be like this. It’s normal to have a slight cough after the operation. Most patients will disappear within half a year. In fact, after pulmonary nodule surgery, patients should be encouraged to cough more appropriately, which helps to excrete the secretion of respiratory tract, which is beneficial to the recovery after surgery. If it is not too serious, try not to deliberately cough, but if the cough is very severe, you can take some drugs appropriately. There is no problem. < / P > < p > the frequent cough after operation is caused by the stimulation of inflammation and the trauma during the operation, which will appear for a period of time, and this situation will generally last for a period of time. If the incision left during the operation is larger, the cough time will be longer. If the cough is more serious, you can take some cough medicine for treatment under the doctor’s advice. This will prevent the opening of the wound caused by coughing too much. Affect the postoperative repair of pulmonary nodules. If severe cough causes pain in the wound, it is recommended to go to the hospital immediately. In order to avoid bleeding from the wound. < / P > < p > after the operation, we must improve the bad living habits, quit smoking and stay away from second-hand smoke. For example, many people smoke in the working environment and change the environment appropriately. For example, cooking in our daily life, a large amount of cooking fumes, such as cough caused by our lungs, can change the way of cooking. It’s better not to fry vegetables, but to cook as much as possible. In the north, if it’s cold in winter, the air quality is poor, and the probability of haze weather is relatively high. Need to change the living environment, to live in the south for a period of time, go out as far as possible to wear masks, to avoid secondary respiratory tract infection. At home, you can use indoor purifier to purify the air, exercise properly, go out to bask in the sun, keep a good mood, cough can be controlled. < / P > < p > there is no special dietary taboo after pulmonary nodule surgery. In daily life, we should develop healthy eating habits, supplement various vitamins and protein intake. You can eat more fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk. Strengthen immunity. As far as possible away from the haze, pay attention to some pollution in the air, must listen to the doctor’s advice, timely review. In fact, whether postoperative care or preoperative prevention, these habits are necessary. If prevention is not done well, it should be done well when nursing. Home