After pregnancy and childbirth, women will “age” in four aspects, and the fourth point is difficult to avoid

Before she had children, she was very aware of her image. Every day she applied mask and makeup, regularly dyed her hair and changed her hair. She didn’t give up dressing herself when she got married, but

insisted that all her insistence was disrupted by the arrival of the baby. She didn’t dare to use any cosmetics during pregnancy. Her weight increased rapidly during pregnancy, and her image was much worse than before.

until one day in the street, I met a friend I haven’t seen for a long time, and the other side was frank and exclaimed: my God! I almost can’t recognize you. You seem to be five years old!

having heard this sentence, Qiang Qiang couldn’t sleep well for several nights and kept asking herself: is she really old? So I decided to make a new change.

giving birth to a child is like breaking through a barrier. People who can break through feel lucky and happy. It’s better to start a better life as long as the child grows up healthily.

it’s not that you will get a lot of wrinkles when you have a baby, but because you have some gestational spots during pregnancy, and you can’t make up frequently due to skin color difference, your skin condition is not as good as before.

before giving birth to a baby, women walk on the road straight, full of spirit, looking energetic and energetic. After giving birth to the baby, she held, fed and nursed the baby every day, too busy to stand up.

before giving birth to a baby, she would pay attention to the hair color and comb all kinds of exquisite hairstyles every day. After having a child, her hairstyle would grow old. First of all, because of the hormone changes in women’s body after giving birth, she would experience hair loss for a period of time.

at this time, loose hair and backward hairline will make women collapse. In addition, it’s not convenient to take a baby. Many Baoma choose to cut their hair short or just dish a ball every day, which makes them very old-fashioned.

compared with the previous three aging places, most people will experience the last mentality aging. After all, the status is different from before. When a mother, she will find that she is no longer fussy about small things, full of love and full of maternal love.

the point of view of things is different from that before we gave birth to a baby. We gradually become Buddhist, calm and calm. This kind of mental aging is another growth for us.

for example, when the baby gets up every day, when he is easy to be hungry, and how many times he pulls the stink. After finding the rules, he can arrange his own rest according to his spare time. This will make women in a much better mental state and have time to take care of themselves.

taking care of children can make women feel anxious. It’s better to be a “9-point Mom” and do everything with due diligence. There’s no need to be too perfect. 2