After quitting smoking for one month, what changes will your body have? Four “bad habits” can survive and succeed

When it comes to smoking, many smokers may start to argue, “which relative is over 80 years old and still smoking and in good health.”. It is better to give up smoking as soon as possible and avoid the harm of smoking on yourself. What’s more, when you really quit smoking, you will find that there will be these good changes in your body. Here’s a detailed description. < / P > < p > you will cough when you smoke, and you will also cough after quitting smoking. At this time, some people will think, “why do you cough after quitting smoking?” In fact, cough, as an effective way to remove foreign bodies from the body, plays a role in cleaning the throat and respiratory tract. Because a large amount of mucus will be produced during smoking, which may adhere to the respiratory tract. When you quit smoking, as the lung fiber moves again, the mucus adhering to the respiratory tract also begins to loosen and fall off and is coughed out by the human body. < / P > < p > note: after quitting smoking, the cough is only temporary, sometimes even black sputum is coughing up. That is the performance of detoxification in your lungs and respiratory tract, which is a good change, so there is no need to panic excessively. < p > < p > after quitting smoking, people all have the characteristics of increased appetite. Previous studies have pointed out that nicotine in cigarettes can inhibit appetite, so people who quit smoking get rid of the “shackles” of nicotine. After a long time, the amount of meals they eat will increase. At this time, what we need to do is to control appetite and not let ourselves overeat, leading to obesity. < / P > < p > when people smoke, harmful substances in tobacco are brought into the body and affect the normal metabolism of human body. After quitting smoking, the metabolic system of the human body gradually recovers, because water is an important substance in the process of human metabolism. With the increase of human metabolism, the human body needs more water. It is suggested that people who quit smoking should drink more water and detoxify more. < / P > < p > after quitting smoking, are you in a worse mood? This is normal. Because the body gets rid of the dependence on nicotine, people may lose their will control for a while, and begin to have inattention and emptiness. In medicine, this reaction is called “withdrawal” reaction. Generally, it will reach a more serious state within one week after withdrawal, and will be reduced after a week. At this time, smokers should do is not to let themselves “relapse”, because the harm of relapse is more serious! In order to adapt to this change, smokers can control themselves by walking, watching movies and reading books. < / P > < p > some people have tried to quit smoking, but they always fail. In the initial stage of quitting smoking, people will have various changes in succession, such as the above phenomenon of “cough, thirst, loss of appetite and bad mood”. Although it doesn’t look like a good performance, don’t worry, it’s all signs of your body getting better. After all, tobacco does too much damage to blood vessels and lungs, and the human body needs time to “repay” the cost. It is suggested that you drink more green tea in the process of smoking cessation. Clinical studies have found that tea polyphenols, caffeine and vitamin C in green tea can decompose the toxic substances in cigarette smoke, and the diuretic effect of green tea can promote human metabolism and excrete “smoke poison” in the body as soon as possible. Quitters usually eat kiwi fruit, orange, lemon, tomato, or can alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal reaction. < / P > < p > when you go through all the hardships in the process of quitting smoking, you can surely enjoy the sweetness from life after quitting smoking. After quitting smoking successfully, you will find that your breath is fresh, your breath is unobstructed, your skin is ruddy, and your mood will be better and better. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!