After the age of 45, a woman insists on four things to nourish her body and spend her menopause safely

For female friends, with the growth of age, about 45-55 years old, gradually into menopause, which is an important process experienced by women, is also inevitable, menopause for female friends, is also very important. < / P > < p > if you don’t pay attention to maintenance during this period of time, it will also accelerate the arrival of aging, affect the operation of personal functions, and is very harmful to health, so in peacetime, we should also pay attention to proper maintenance. < p > < p > abnormal menstruation. Women into menopause, will also be accompanied by abnormal menstruation, this is due to the gradual decline of ovarian function, estrogen secretion, will also affect the normal menstrual cycle, irregular menstruation, less menstruation and other issues, so in peacetime to pay attention to conditioning. < p > < p > memory decreased. Women enter menopause, personal memory will be affected, often will appear a short-term memory loss, memory decline, so in peacetime, also pay attention to appropriate maintenance of the brain, learn to maintain normal brain function, prevent Alzheimer’s disease. < p > < p > alopecia. With the growth of women’s age, hormone levels gradually imbalance, hair will also be affected, and gradually appear hair loss, hair loss, and this phenomenon is also a sign of menopause, I hope you can pay attention to maintenance, maintain hormone balance in the body at ordinary times. < p > < p > mood fluctuation. Women into menopause, often accompanied by hot flashes, mood depression, which has a certain relationship with hormone levels in the body disorders, should pay attention to maintenance, maintain a good attitude, this may help to safely through menopause. < / P > < p > therefore, after women enter menopause, the above abnormal performance is also obvious to all. I hope you can pay attention to proper maintenance at ordinary times, especially in daily diet and work and rest, and pay attention to timely improvement to help delay aging and smoothly pass the menopause. < p > < p > desserts. It may be difficult for most women to get the temptation of sweets, but excessive intake of sweets will not only cause obesity, but also lead to blood sugar instability due to relatively high sugar and carbohydrate content. < p > < p > but as you get older, your metabolic level will decline, which will also lead to the accumulation of toxins, increase the burden on blood vessels, and accelerate the arrival of aging. Therefore, such foods, such as this kind of food, also advise women to be lenient under the mouth, or can resist aging. < / P > < p > coffee. After women enter menopause, if they drink a lot of coffee, it will not only make people extremely excited, aggravate the insomnia symptoms of menopause, but also lead to yellow teeth and accelerate aging. < / P > < p > at the same time, it will increase the burden of various organs, which is very harmful to health. So women enter menopause, such as coffee drinks, but also quickly avoid, this may help to protect the body, beware of aging fast step. < / P > < p > pickled and over processed food. In life, most people may like to eat some processed meat such as ham, sausage, bacon, but this kind of food not only contains a lot of salt. < / P > < p > and contains certain preservatives, colorants, etc., a large amount of consumption, will increase the burden of various organs, which will lead to health damage, but also accelerate the speed of skin aging. < / P > < p > therefore, menopausal women are advised to avoid eating this kind of food and keep a light diet. This may help to protect the body and be careful of aging. < / P > < p > eat. Women over 45 years old, gradually into menopause, but also learn to adjust diet, often eat some milk, green leaves, vegetables, eggs, etc., learn to supplement estrogen and calcium, help to nourish the body, let you safely through menopause. < / P > < p > drink. Women entering menopause, such as alcohol, coffee drinks, is also the best to touch less, so as not to increase the burden of the body, you can often drink some rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, dandelion tea, etc., which helps to reduce inflammation and sterilization, maintain the blood circulation in the body, help maintain the skin and keep young. < / P > < p > move. After the age of 45, women should also pay attention to adhere to appropriate exercise. Aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day can help maintain the normal function of various organs, improve their own quality, help to take care of their health, so that you can maintain a young state and successfully pass the menopause. < p > < p > music. After menopause, women’s mood fluctuation is relatively large, and it is easy to get angry and anxious. Therefore, after 45 years old, we must learn to adjust personal mentality and keep optimistic mood. Only in this way can we adjust internal secretion and relieve menopausal discomfort. Focus