After the baby was born, the doctor showed the baby’s ass to the lying in woman. In addition to determining the baby’s gender, there was also an inside story

I don’t know if every expectant mother has ever imagined the appearance of the baby in her belly during her ten month pregnancy? More like dad or more like mom? Baby’s appearance problem estimated the most concerned about the whole pregnancy. Especially at the moment of unloading the baby, mothers always think that this little guy can be calculated, panting for a faint breath to see what the baby looks like, but the doctor in the delivery room just gives himself a look at the baby’s buttocks? What is this? After marriage, Miaomiao has been unable to conceive a baby due to physical reasons, so the couple began to seek for a baby. They tried both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Finally, after five or six years of seeking medical advice, they found out that they had successfully conceived a child on the seventh anniversary of their marriage, which made the couple very happy. In order to let the baby come to this family smoothly, Miaomiao decides to quit his job and raise a baby at home. < / P > < p > ever since we had a baby in the stomach, the couple have been discussing the issue of who the baby looks more like every day. They are really looking forward to meeting the baby. Finally, after having a baby in October, Miaomiao’s stomach moved and stirred for a day and a night. Finally, she gave birth to a baby at noon. Miao Miao, who had just given birth to the baby, had no strength all over her body. She was weak and wanted to see the baby’s appearance. < / P > < p > unexpectedly, the doctor let her take a look at the baby’s buttocks and carried them away. When she saw the doctor, she couldn’t help but laugh at the doctor. In fact, to be honest, the gender of children is the most important thing for us. In general, after the delivery, the maternal body is in the weakest state. The reason why doctors show them the baby’s buttocks is to let the mother determine the baby’s gender in person, so that the maternal can be relieved. The second is that the newborn baby’s cry is relatively loud, so that the mother is afraid that her mother will affect her own state for worrying about the baby’s condition. < / P > < p > in the process of childbirth, there will be a lot of unexpected situations, and many dangers happen in a short time. However, mothers often give birth for a long time, which will bring great pressure and burden to the body. Therefore, doctors should closely observe the state of the puerpera. Therefore, after giving birth, the nurse holds the baby and asks Baoma to look at the baby’s buttocks and asks whether the baby’s mother is male or female, so as to ensure the maternal’s soberness To determine whether there is a follow-up risk of maternal, that is, it is all for the sake of maternal safety. < / P > < p > we all say that the baby is very cute, but in fact, the baby just born is not as good-looking as you think. According to the survey, about 80% of mothers’ first reaction after seeing a newborn is that the child is really ugly. After all, the baby just came out of the mother’s stomach, there will be some fetal fat, even blood residue. If this picture is shown to the parturient for the first time, it will definitely produce a great psychological gap, and the expectation value will be greatly reduced, which will cause postpartum hemorrhage seriously. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of these accidents, it is reasonable for the maternal to see the baby’s buttocks first. < / P > < p > after reading these reasons, you can know why doctors only show mothers the baby’s buttocks. In fact, the appearance of newly born children is not very important. After all, these babies look like each other in the first three months. As long as the children are healthy and the mother is healthy, it is the best thing for both. As for the appearance, there will be plenty of time to observe carefully in the future. < / P > < p > today’s topic discussion: as a mother, after giving birth to your baby, does the doctor also let you see the baby’s buttocks? Do you remember the first feeling you saw? Welcome to share. Focus